The Cult of Shorts

Today I went back to school to run a pre-season rugby session for students in Year 10 to 13, and as expected I was welcomed by my colleagues to the sound of their laughter. The cause of their merriment isn’t due to the fact I’m partial to growing a good beard over the holidays, but that fact that I was wearing tracksuit bottoms.

Now I’ve always worn tracksuit bottoms. I think they are smart (I personally believe PE Staff need to ensure they keep to a dress code and present the school in the best way possible). They are not revealing. I have occasionally had to splutter tea over another schools staffroom as I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing too much of my opposite number. Wearing pants under shorts is advised for the sake of modesty. Tracksuit bottoms keep me warm, especially as we have hardly any indoor space for PE and therefore we usually have to go out in all weather. However it seems that wearing tracksuit bottoms as a male PE teacher, comes with a certain stigma attached to it. The question of my sexuality is raised, as is my manhood. A PE parody twitter account even called me a c*** for wearing tracksuits and that I wasn’t a real PE teacher. How I do love those cute little trolls. Even my partner has got in on the act, asking why I don’t show off ‘my lovely legs’, but then she is a little biased. I wouldn’t wish the sight of my legs on even my worse enemy, and I wouldn’t want to worry the school community in case they think a Silverback has escaped the zoo.

So at the start of the school year, shorts or not? As I don’t think I will be changing anytime soon, I better get used to the laughter.

The 'classic' PE teacher look in shorts.
The ‘classic’ PE teacher look in shorts.

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