In Vino Veritas

End of the first week back, and I’m drunk. I’m walking back home after a really enjoyable evening with my department, and in my alcohol fuelled solitude my thoughts lead to a mood of reflective melancholy. I think this might be the best time for a 360 degree diagnostic. Maybe the participant and all the reviewers should be inebriated? In vino veritas?

I’ve taken a 360 degree diagnostic before. The feedback was positive, but highlighted areas of improvement; Inspirational leadership, confronting confrontation and finance. Tell me something I didn’t know.

However if all of us were truly reflective, looked into our deep dark recesses we would probably pick out what was really wrong with us. And I can see it. It is hypocrisy. I know it’s there even without the wine, but with it, it is over-powering.

First and foremost I’m employed as a teacher of physical education. I feel my main function of this role is to impart the wisdom of how to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. How can a man who is overweight, doesn’t regularly exercise and eats and drinks far too much, be allowed to educate children in being healthy and active? As a teacher I must practice what I preach. I need to be a role model to students. If I can’t do it myself, how can I expect my students to do it? Time to practice what I preach.

Secondly I hold a role within my school as ‘Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator.’ The issue with this is that my exam classes have under performed in recent years. I’m far too enthusiastic about new ideas, ones that I should test first, especially before I peddle them on to my beleaguered colleagues. I should first deliver, before I take on the mantle of a teaching and learning champion. As a Teaching and Learning Coordinator I should practice before I preach.

Finally as a Head of Department I have a responsibility to both the students under my care and also the staff in my department. My role is to guide my students and my staff to enlightenment. I should not use either of them to further my own career, but to ensure I create an environment that allows them to flourish, without placing undue stress on them. I should lead and serve and never preach.

I need to stop paying lip service to my roles, values or moral code. I must try to live by them. I must try to live an active and healthy life, I must try to understand the process of my own teaching before I begin to support someone else, and I should ensure to protect and develop both my students and staff under my care. To really professionally develop this year, I must take the time and effort I use in creating this illusion of myself and use it make it reality.


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