Top Tips for AQA AS PE

Recently I experienced my first webinar. The focus of it was an introduction to AQA AS Level Physical Education. Being the first time I have taught this examining board and spec I required a little extra information. Apologies if this teaching your grandmother to suck eggs but here are my top things that I found out:


1. The exam, which is in June this year, has 7 questions each worth 12 Marks.

Question 1 and 2 is on Physiology, Question 3 and 4 is on Skill Acquisition ,Question 5 and 6 is on Opportunities for Participation and Question 7 is split into two; training and fitness (6 marks) and skill development (6 marks).


2. Questions 1 to 6 can be answered as either prose or bullet points. Question Number 7 needs to be answered as a continuous piece of prose.


3. How they mark Question number 7 is available on the AQA website as a specimen. You can receive 10 marks for the content and then 2 marks for the quality of written communication (spelling, punctuation and grammar). My understanding is there are 20 points on the mark scheme and a candidate must get a minimum of 13 to be able to get into a top band grade.


4.  Only coming fresh to this syllabus this term I was unaware of the changes to the spec, specifically concerned with Opportunities of Participation. Obsolete government initiatives have been removed and replaced with current ones. The changes can be found on the AQA website.


5. Ensure you have a logon to EAQA. This allows you to access online standardisation for the practical elements. I found this quite useful to go through with others in my department and has helped to already moderate our marking, especially in coaching/officiating. They are currently updating this and new videos for standardisation should be out soon.


6. At AS Level they do not want to see students in full games. They want to see conditioned practices, and this also includes the officiating and coaching roles as well as the performer. Make sure you have enough evidence on video to back up your marks, especially if a practical moderation doesn’t go so well.


7. There is an excellent blog for A-Level PE, with a whole range of ideas and support at


This one is my tip: Check out the following websites for some excellent supporting materials for AQA AS PE – My PE Exam and PE 4 Learning.


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