Personal Reflection

Full to Empty


Monday 6th September – Friday 24th October

Preseason training
Exam analysing
Meet and greeting
Lesson delivering
Pupil learning?
Policy updating
Alumni engaging
Risk assessing
Pool closing
Curriculum re-planning
Ankle spraining
Whole school assembly taking
Referee booking
Tutor timing
Tour meeting
Charity working
Emotion managing
Staff room meeting
Report writing
Tournament running
First Aid giving
Bus booking
Epipen training
PRP policy reviewing
Target setting
Sanction giving
Parental meeting
Police calling
Incident reporting
Break time dutying
Time tabling
Equipment ordering
Fixture updating
Progress 8 and 4 matrix training
Zumos launching
Sports council guiding
Philosophy teaching
Lesson planning
NQT mentoring
Departmental standard setting
Problem solving
Dispute mediating
Changing room sweeping
Cone sorting
Time wasting
Evidence asking
Match rearranging
Nights not sleeping
Performance managing
Confrontation confronting
Colleague appeasing
Teacher learning communities starting
Professional developing
Data using
Departmental Evaluating
After school rugby training
AQA webinar joining
Resource making
Impromptu plumbing
Teach Eat attending
Results sending
Pupil Listening
A-Level tracking
Kit Washing
Bib drying
Sanction giving
Blog reading
Mobile phone confiscating
Standard setting
Lacrosse umpiring
Football Tour Meeting
Equipment repairing
House Competition running
Emailing, Emailing, Emailing
Letter writing
Lost property finding
Headstand demoing
Success modelling
Criteria writing
Without levels living
Praising and rewarding
Teach Meet organising
Parents Association attending
Reference writing
Work experience arranging
Verbal feedback giving
Basketball officiating
Secondary school visiting
Practical moderating
INSET running
Lesson observing
Tea making
Past pupil supporting
Preconception challenging
Practice changing
Trip planning
Money collecting
Primary school sport coaching
GCSE PE introducing
Diary meeting
Action pointing
School Tweeting
Success celebrating
Parental dealing
Research Engaging
Information sharing
Testing, Testing, Testing
Prezi creating
Managing managing
Target reviewing
School driving
Fund bidding
Diplomatic debating
Co-curricular promoting
Sport developing
Pupil sympathising
SLT empathising
Cake eating
ICT fixing
PE tutoring
After match catering
Ground Staff guiding
Constant reflecting
Class questioning
Deadline meeting
To do list making
Department enthusing

Saturday 25th October



By @ImSporticus

Lecturer in PE, Sport and Physical Activity. Helping others to flourish through movement.

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