Drowning in the Shallow 2014-in-review

The following posts were the most read in 2014: Has PE lost its way? Seating plan for Core PE Evidence of progress in practical core PE The stigma attached to PE Progress in PE is never linear Simple Notational Analysis in PE Do you baseline assess in PE? Increasing the Physical in PE A models based approach to PE: TGfU The practical value of time… Read More Drowning in the Shallow 2014-in-review


Inspired by Martyn Reah’s post on teacher wellbeing and the #Teacher5aday movement Wellbeing Last year was pretty tough. Accumulation of seven years of working non-stop, not forming any meaningful relationships outside of work and an unwillingness to say ‘no’ had finally taking its toll. Added to this I was no longer looking after my body,… Read More Wellbeing