Political Party Manifestos and Physical Activity

With the 2015 General Election fast approaching the main political parties have now produced their manifestos. Whilst physical activity rightly shouldn’t be a main policy or one that decides my own vote, I am interested to see how something of personal importance to me is communicated within their manifestos.

Using a simple ‘find word’ function on the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats Manifestos I searched for the following terms: Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport. I will not comment or analyse what I found, I shall leave that to you. Here are the results:


  • Continue to invest in sport
  • Continue to support elite sports funding
  • Boost funding for sport in Primary Schools. Continue to give £150 million a year till 2020
  • Support new sports in the UK (NFL, MLB and NBA)
  • Continue to improve community sports facilities
  • Reintroduce 2 hour minimum expectation for PE within schools
  • Invest in artificial football pitches across 30 cities in the UK
  • Continue to invest in participation and physical activity, recognising sports vital benefit to health and to NHS
  • Lift number of women on sports governing bodies to 25% by 2017
  • Seek to increase participation in sport by woman and girls


  • Mental health to be given same priority as physical health
  • Ensure that every child participates in a minimum of two hours of organised sport every week at school
  • Premier League to ensure it delivers on its promise to invest 5% of its television rights to funding grass roots football
  • Set a new national ambition to improve the update of physical activity

Liberal Democrats

  • Building a healthier society
  • Promote healthy eating and exercise
  • Open up more sports facilities, building more cycle routes to crack down obesity
  • Promote evidence based ‘social prescribing’ of sport to help tackle obesity, mental health and other health symptoms
  • Publish a national wellbeing strategy

Update: I saw a tweet saying the Greens had some interesting thoughts about sport so I decided to check them out as well.


  • Grant the right to turn sporting clubs, in particular football clubs, into community and supporter cooperatives
  • Maintain and strengthen the ban on hunting with dogs and extend this ban to all hunting of all animals for sport or pleasure
  • Support initiatives to make the arts and sports accessible to all.
  • Set targets for participation in sports by women, ethnic minorities and disabled people in particular.
  • Make sure all children get at least a half-day equivalent of sports in school and encourage both the use of schools sports facilities by the community and participation in regional and national sporting events by our young people.
  • An increase in outdoor education and physical activity so children establish an early and strong relationship with their local environment
  • Make streets healthy and safe places for people to cycle and walk and for children to play, while building physical activity into their daily journeys.
  • Give higher priority to the physical healthcare of those with mental health problems


The Sport and Recreation Alliance have blogged in much more detailed about the manifestos with regards to physical activity and sport. You can read them by clicking on the following links:



Liberal Democrats

Green Party, UKIP and Plaid Cymru


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