The PE Playbook – May 15 Edition

Welcome to the May 2015 Edition of the PE Playbook. The PE Playbook is a review of blog posts over the past month that are specific to Physical Education or Youth Sport. Its about bringing these blog posts into a format that is easy to find, use and share. Hopefully this will result in more PE Teachers (and others) reading them and engaging with them. If you have any feedback about the presentation or content of the PE Playbook then please let me know in the comments section of this post or via @ImSporticus.


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PE Playbook – April 2015 Edition

PEPRN the website set up by Dr Ash Casey of Loughborough University has now been a staple of my PD for a number of years. His ultimate aim through his website is to try and bring research in PE and PE Pedagogy to practitioners in a way that is both accessible and useable in the classroom. He has challenged his readers to Think, Act and Change on the research he has shared either in written format or though his excellent podcast. This month has seen PEPRN go through an update PEPRN is dead. Long Live PEPRN, with new graphics, a new user interface and a slightly different direction. Rather than just disseminating knowledge and current research to teachers the new approach is both to share the research and have a practising teacher also add their comments, thoughts and approaches on it. Attempting to bridge the gap between research and actual teaching practice. Every Tuesday a new post is launched, with the current series looking at pre service training and the socialisation of professionalism that occurs with new teachers in the PE Office. This series has two posts. The first Learning to be a teacher and the second What is professional, workplace learning? I’m hugely looking forward to not only where this series goes, but as a more experienced teacher how it might impact my own professional development. I urge all PE Teachers not only to read, but to interact through the comments section. A continued shared dialogue will only benefit all in the profession.

Tom Brush is a deeply reflective PE Teacher who blogs at PE T and L Blog. This month Tom has written four excellent blogs that mainly question our practice in Physical Education and offers some possible solutions. Like most PE Teachers in the country at the moment Assessment in PE is a big conundrum, especially as we are now left without levels. However this may be the chance of Departments to design their own assessment models, built on what they feel is their moral purpose and important for their students in their context to try and achieve within PE. Tom shares the concept of Using core tasks in Physical Education as a possible answer and I’m drawn to this idea, but wonder if it can be used on more general terms rather than specific activities. In Setting by ability in P.E Tom explores the positive and negative impact that setting may have on our students engagement and motivation to physical activity and also shares some research on this area. Most recently he asks the question Should we test fitness in KS3 PE and quite clearly states his position. I think many PE Teachers are drawn to fitness testing because of the data it gives them and the evidence that progress is being made, which is why early on in my career I used them. Then when mentoring a PGCE student she gave me Fitness testing in physical education – a misdirected effort in promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity to read from Loughborough University which has changed my thinking and approach.

I know its a couple more than 10, but these blogs have really resonated with me this month:

Roly – A reflection on engagement in physical activities via @PhysLiteracy

Why I can’t coach sports by Jonny Walker

My PE Philosophy by Nathan Walker

Sport…a sense of freedom by Rachel Smith

Make An Imprint, Not An Impression from Amanda Stanec

How to destroy (or develop) talent – a case study from Stuart Armstrong

Helping People Be Their Best is Complex (not Complicated!) via Mark Upton

How broken does it have to get before it’s fixed? via Andy Vasily

Rebranding by Doug Geddie

American Landscape through Polish Eyes via Erik Imler

CREDO via John Allpress

Positive Relationships in Education via Adam Llevo

Taxonomy of Reflection – Reflecting on a Month of #PhysEd Sharing

The OVER-Quantified Self in Phys-Ed

How I Teach: Andy Hair

No Respect

Latest Inactivity and Obesity Levels Show Improving Signs


The secret to success!

Voices of #PhysEd: Let’s Talk About Privilege

Physical Activity and Physical Education

Function 2 Flow

The Great Unpacking: Preface (Part IV) – Assessment methods

The #PhysEd Book Club: UNESCO QPE Guidelines

Outstanding Teacher Downloading

Expand My Thinking

Sharing is caring

The efficiency of the stand up desk – a Head of PE’s perspective

The gap between ‘promise’ and ‘reality’ – How can PE contest with the rest?

Benefits of exercise

It’s time to ‘rewild the child’ and bring back OAA

Teacher evaluation: Are we failing our profession?

Backwards Designing The Ideal #PhysEd Teacher

Need to Step Up My Pedagogy

Excellence vs. Success

Fire and Ice Freeze Tag

The Best Parts of My Week – 4/27/15–5/1/15

How are my PE lessons and programs different to yours?

The Best Parts of My Week – 5/4/15–5/8/15

“It’s Buzz Time”!

Wacky Olympics

Major Lessons Learned From Our Athletics Unit

Little Teaching Victories

The Best Parts of My Week – 5/11/15–5/15/15

Unpacking Big Ideas in Invasion Games

Differentiation: Dance Edition

Grade 2 Net Games: Week#1

Cross Grade Level Unpacking

The Best Parts of My Week – 5/18/15–5/22/15

Grade 2 Net Games

Let Them Teach!!

Movement Composition – Kung Fu fighting….

FIFA – Assessment without Levels!

How I Teach: Jessica Shawley

Rounders Scrapped From PE Curriculum

What it feels like to be out of your Comfort Zone

Using Rubrics in #PhysEd ? Standards Based Grading – Want a Supplementary Report Card?

What tools do you use in #physed? Why?

BLOG: The teaching of HPE in AUS schools: A Singaporean perspective


Google Apps – Improve your workflow!

Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 40

Apple Watch in #PhysEd: Early Impressions

Used Sprint Timer app for the first time today in my Year 10 GCSE lesson

The Best Apps for Keeping Kids Active

Fit for purpose: the top five apps for PE teachers

Double Whammy……. Run Lap Tap used with Polar Team

VLOG 9: Technology: some key considerations

Jump, Jump, Jump

How I use social media in professional development using the SAMR model

Levels of Difficulty – Google Apps for Education

Looping Skill Demos

Do you really “think different”?

Video editing apps

5 iPad Accessories for Every PE Teacher

 Digital GCSE PE Revision

Non examined assessment (in PE)

One touch, One bounce and Buzzers

Run Marianne, Run

Hopes and Olympic dreams

Daily (ish) Favouriting:

VLOG 10: Student Designed Games

The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – #Physed Showcase – Edition #3

Episode 30 – Listener Stories of Success #1

Episode 31 – My Volleyball Unit

Highly Effective Physical Education with Lynn and Lynn – Episode 8

Unpacking Invasion Games (2 Andy’s Show)

BLOG: Coaching adolescents with Autism in a multi-sport program

Why Kids Quit Sports

How do we help the young player organise information and action?

Are 85% of coaches really poor

Girls Will Be Boys

The Incredibly Massive Importance of Play

Yes….I do play my favourites

Kiwi volleyball coaching legend Hugh McCutcheon tells of coaching philosophy

How to raise a sporting champion

Negativity and Your Child’s Brain: How to Help Kids Stay Positive

Coach education can be multi-sport driven – we can learn from each other.

Damaged Goods…

Of course it will work….I’ve been coaching for years

Winning VS Development: not even close…

Coaching Conversations #5 : Jamie Taylor and Daniel Pyke

A coaches’ guide to strength development: PART I

35 Secrets of Brilliant Coaches

Books that can help transform your coaching

As a coach who should you turn to for advice?

How to get the best out of a Player?

The pressure of the Twix! – a tale of developing a growth mindset.

An LTAD Success Story – From Age 0-10 Years Old

Coaching Conversations #6 : Peter Jeffrey

Help, My Child is a Late Bloomer: 5 Tips for Overcoming the “Relative Age Effect” in Youth Sports

BLOG: 10 Links we Like via ACPHER

10 Ways to Promote Safe Biking for National Bike Month

All Other Things Being Equal by Craig Pickering

How Important Is an Understanding of Decision Making to a Sport Psychologist Interested In Using it in Their Work With Athletes?

Two stages phases of childhood obesity suggested

Exercise and healthy eating in schools – is it as simple as ‘energy in = energy out’?

Gurus v Mentors

Does sleep affect sporting performance?

Can You Swim In The Deep End?

Schools Rethink Health Class, Incorporate Mindfulness Training

What is talent – and can science spot what we will be best at?

A Life in Motion, Stopped Cold

Fausto Coppi – The makings of a champion

Q&A: Darren Roberts

Parenting: ‘Miss, I forgot my PE gear. Again’

Championship Preview: Living and learning with New Zealand’s rugby winners

Understanding Physical Literacy


Finally after all that you are still hungry for more then try April and May Coaching Matters via Simon Nainby

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