The PE Playbook – September 2015 Edition

Welcome to the September 2015 Edition of the PE Playbook. The PE Playbook is a review of blog posts over the past month that are specific to Physical Education or Youth Sport. Its about bringing these blog posts into a format that is easy to find, use and share. Hopefully this will result in more PE Teachers (and others) reading them and engaging with them. If you have any feedback about the presentation or content of the PE Playbook then please let me know in the comments section of this post or via @ImSporticus. Previous Editions of the PE Playbook can be found here.


This months blogger of the month goes to Mike Prior the creator of the PE Circle a new open access blogging site for Physical Education. Mike has written some provocative posts, sharing his Ramblings on Assessment Without Levels and asking us if Is fitness the future? of PE and writing about Behaviour for Learning in Primary PE.

Joining Mike as a regular blogger on the PE Circle is Mike Tyler who has opened up a wider view of PE’s influence on a pupils education for me. PE and the Prevent Agenda is a thoughtful post on how PE can be used is a sensitive manner to meet the governments new remit for schools.   PE across the Curriculum – Geography and PE across the Curriculum – History have been a great start and I look forward to future posts in this series.

The great thing about the PE Circle is anyone can write posts and share their thoughts with other PE Teachers. Simon Bradbury offers his insight on Year 7 Baseline Testing – Why do we do it?.  Christian Fallick makes a passionate plea to Stop taking the Physical out of Physical Education!!

Check it out. Read some of the excellent posts on the website and join the community and blog yourself.


Articulating a #Physed curriculum ELC – G12 and Articulating a #Physed Curriculum ELC- Grade 12 – Part 2 by Mel Hamada demonstrates her thinking behind designing a curriculum, putting pupils at the centre of the learning.

The journey so far (Part one) by Kelvin Giles who shares the evolvement of his coaching philosophy and approach.

Thought of the Day: Sunday, September 6th, 2015 by Andy Vasily who asks how we can get pupils to take personal responsibility to engaging in your PE Curriculum

Drills. Why not? by Sean D’Arcy who explores his thoughts of using small sided games and games sense over drills within football coaching.

Do we need more of a conceptual focus in Physical Education? by Andy Vasily and Unlocking Student Thinking with Concept Keys iPhys-Ed both discuss how to make meaningful connections with PE across the curriculum.

Integrating Health and Wellness into your PE Program by Ben Landers who shares some excellent resources on Health and Wellness

Losing Sucks by Sky Eddie Bruce is an excellent piece on exploring winning and losing in Youth Sports and how to develop a winning mindset.

Want your players to be creative and develop skills? Say less! by Stuart Armstrong on how remaining silent as a coach may be more beneficial than you think

Stone Skipping and Youth Sport: What can it teach us? by Dr Craig Harrison on creating an environment for improvement in youth sports.

Guest Blog: Understanding Asperger Syndrome a hugely informative post from a parent and coach of a child with Aspergers, who shares their insight.

Why Do Game-Sense Coaches Get It So Wrong When They Could Be Getting It So Right? by Dan Cottrell who provides an 8 point guide on how to ensure the best outcomes with a Game Sense approach


The point of PE


The First Week!

4 Tips to Motivate Kids to Be Active

Movement Performance vs. Movement Learning

New Boots, New Season, New Ideas…

Physical Activity – are we getting confused?

How Fear Stole Physical Literacy From Our Children

VLOG 15: Back to School

STEPs to Modification

Whatever Happened to Old What’s His Name?

BLOG: Enhancing Well-being – Naturally

Physical Literacy and Understanding

The Primacy of Movement: Some implications for Physical Literacy.

Back to Basics: Routines and Back to Basics: Pupil organisation

The LEARN Model for Effective Lesson Planning in PE

Self-efficacy for the PE teacher

What is success in physical education?

Something is very wrong…


Watch Me Whip… Dance Steps

How themed PE transformed my KS1 PE lessons

45 minutes to liven up your next inset day…Tchoukball!

Students Taking Action With Their Learning in PE

Remove the fear factor!

The Best Parts of My Week – 9/8/15–9/11/15

Rookie Rugby

PE Games – Hula Hut Relays

Tri-O Orienteering Resource

KS1 Games

Opportunities – Primary school hockey dilemma!

The Best Parts of My Week – 9/14/15–9/18/15

Rebuilding a love for PE – How I’m aiming to change the perceptions of a small village school

The Best Parts of My Week – 9/21/15–9/25/15

Running Activity – ES Running Club – Week 1

5 Awesome Classroom Management Ideas

Why Assessing in PE is Important


Running Activity – Fitness Components


September 2015…Bring it On!

8 Strategies for Creating a Positive Fitness Experience


New term?New technology!

BLOG: My journey into using IT in PE

Gifs / Padlet / Physical Education

TEACH: advice to new teachers about ’embracing’ technology

HEALTH ED: Integrating technology into our health program

Timewarping Physical Education

Using Google Drive to maximise my creativity

Fitness Bingo Fun

Flipped Learning 2.0 – Creating the right environment for learning

Using Google for Sportfolios: Sites, Add-ons & Drive


The Mastery Tracker

AQA GCSE PE (4890) Full Course Predictor

“State It!” Articulate Style Game Cards

GCSE PE Revision Broadsheets


Being divergent


Thinking differently not just well

VLOG 16: Sport Education: Planning a Unit

Blocked Vs Random Practice in Skill Acquisition

Teaching Tactical Creativity

The six Ds of Tactical Creativity

Challenging a biomedical view of bodies in HPE

Assessing Tactical Creativity


Episode 39 – What I Wish I Could of Done At School

Episode 40 – Listener Stories of Success #3


12 Powerful Things to Say to Your Gymnasts

Level I Athletic Skills

Talk less. Listen more. The Importance of Family Support in Athlete Development

12 Signs Your Gymnast is Under Too Much Stress

Coaching Conversations #9 : David Keelty

The Vicarious Parent

Loosen up and keep it simple

The importance of Multi-skills coaching for budding sports enthusiasts

The Great Trophy Debate: Do We Need Participation Awards?

Back to School…A Dozen Tips for Balancing School with Gymnastics

More Creative Small Sided Games


Decision making when the ball is in the air

The Polarisation of the Swedish Youth Football and Talent Development Debate

Release Your Child to the Game!

Coaching a 1st Touch

Environment is Everything

Running Drills

On Excellence

The Importance of Winning


RWC1995: Performance Data 01

Thought of the Day: August 31st, 2015

7 Ways to Reduce the Fear of Failure

#coachlearninginsport: critical incidents and Swiss cheese

What is your 30 minutes?

When junior footy is win at all cost, youngsters lose out

Healthy behaviours are more common than you might think

Johnson-Thompson & Ennis-Hill: What Makes a Perfect Heptathlete?

World Cup Warm-Up #1 The All Blacks

Growth Mindset Training

Why Are New Zealand So Good at Rugby?

7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination


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