Top 5s of 2016 – PE, Youth Sport and Education

2016 has been a tough year professionally for me. However I am grateful to my department not just making it bearable, but enjoyable, meaningful and purposeful. An ‘esprit de corps‘ has developed turning us into a close team, who constantly supports each other well beyond what the job entails. For this I am grateful, however I am aware that at times we indulge in a cozy unanimity to ensure that tension does not arise. It ensures I look forward to going into work every day, no matter what problems need to be dealt with. However I am also aware this means we might not question assumptions or uncomfortable facts, leading to group think. This is why I continue to invest my time in Twitter and Blogging. A search for different threads to follow, multiple perspectives, hard questions to check my blinkered enthusiasm and challenges to deepen my line of thinking. Social media can be a constant echo chamber and full of BS, but I have had genuine moments of clarity this year that have shaped my thinking.

Tweeters – generous with their time, helpful and challenging.

Physical Education

Youth Sport


 Nate Babcock  Dave Collins  Vivienne Porritt
 Vicky Goodyear  Stephen Harvey  Oliver Caviglioli
 Ash Casey  Simon Nainby  Peter Ford
 Andrew Frapwell  Andrew Abraham  Nancy Gedge
 Jeff Giles  Si Brundish aka Strength Lab  Keven Bartle


Bloggers – simply read everything they write.

Physical Education Youth Sport


 Mel Hamada at  John Stoszkowski at  Richard Martin at
 Shane Pill at learningthroughsport  Mark O’Sullivan at footblogball.  Iesha Small at
 Dr Justin O’Connor at healthphysicaleducation  Mark Upton at  Carl Hendrick at
 Tim Fletcher at Meaningful PE  Vern Gambetta at Functional Path Training  Sherri Spelic at edifiedlistener
 Renee Cabassi at aimhighjumpoften  Nick Levett at Rivers of Thinking  Mirjam Neelen at 3starlearningexperiences


Books – those books that have changed or challenged my practice.

Physical Education Youth Sport


 Cooperative Learning in Physical Education and Physical Activity The Sports Coach as Educator Urban Myths about Learning and Education
Pedagogical cases in Physical Education and Youth Sport Blackbox Thinking What every teacher needs to know about psychology
 Instructional Models for Physical Education Peak: Secrets from the Science of Expertise Leadership for Teacher Learning
Complexity Thinking in Physical Education Flow The Neo Generalist
Meaning in Movement, Sport and Physical Education Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us Ticked Off: Checklists for teachers, students and school leaders


Podcasts – making my commute both entertaining and educational.

Physical Education Youth Sport


 The Fundamental Movement Gaincast Podcast  Revisionist History
 The PE Umbrella Perception & Action  Run Your Life Show
 Global PhysEd  Coach Your Best Managing Behaviour – Pivotal Podcast
 Connected PE  Finding Mastery  The Educators
 PEPRN  SportsCoachRadio  The Tim Ferriss Show


Blog Posts – posts that I keep going back to over and over again.

Physical Education

Youth Sport


 Why I might banish football from PE entirely by Lee Andersen  (Learning) Space Invaders by Mark Upton Being a Head of Department by DisappointedIdealist
How to Measure Success in Physical Education by Dr Justen O’Connor FC Barcelona: Dismantling the Language of War by James Vaughan Is effective teaching more about good relationships than anything else? by Carl Hendrick
How do we get children active? by Ed Cope  How I developed coaching superpowers – by shutting up! by Stuart Armstrong  Ain’t no fun (for anyone) in being a sh1t funnel by Keven Bartle
Physical Education – Contested Ground by Shane Pill  Be more like Bullshit Man by John Stoszkowski Ready to jump by Richard Martin
Semantics: ‘physical education’ vs ‘physical literacy’ by Timothy Lynch 8 Coaching Mistakes I Wish I Never Made by Changing The Game Project  Metacognition: What’s the Fuss About? by Christina Milos

4 thoughts on “Top 5s of 2016 – PE, Youth Sport and Education

  1. What a great resource!

    Lots of great stuff here that I need to check out. Thanks for sharing!

    Honored to be part of the list! I have thoroughly enjoyed our dialogue over the past year and hope to collaborate with you when things settle down a little over here….

    Keep up the great work!!



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