The PE Play Book – September 2017 Edition

Blogger of the Month

After an 18 month hiatus Dr Ash Casey is back blogging again at Physical Education Practitioner Research Network or PEPRN for short. The focus for his new series is Models Based Practice or more specifically how we can design and implement a multiple model curriculum that provides a holistic approach to teaching Physical Education. The first thing we must do is overcome tradition, by a Step away from the multi-activity curriculum. However we are reminded that Direct instruction is one pedagogical model but we need to ask for what it is best for. This leads us to ask Where to start? Finding a pedagogical place for a pedagogical model, to place the learners and learning at the forefront of our decision-making processes before implementing the right model for the required learning intentions. I look forward to the rest of the series but there is plenty in his older posts to keep you occupied until they are published.

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