The PE Playbook – November 2017 Edition

Blogger of the Month

I have been reading Sean D’Arcy’s blog Right Back on the Bench for just over three years. Sean is a youth football coach who has a clear passion for improving his subject knowledge and pedagogy. It is infectious, but what I really like about Sean’s blog is his willingness to share the story of his continual betterment as a coach. This month Sean has written Coaching & Chloroform where he asks us to question the practices we see and the hidden assumptions we can’t. When is enough enough.. is about Sean’s dilemma whether a games based approach gives enough repetitions for a strong technical base to help his players reach their potential. I think this will be an eternal dilemma for the youth coach as there is no one size fits all approach to coaching youth sport. What I really enjoy about Sean’s writing is that through his stories of his coaching, I make links and connections to my own story. They make me reevaluate my experience or help me to see it from another perspective.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Prof Dawn Penney on Assessment by Professor Dawn Penney provides some very good provocations for assessment within Physical Education.

Notes (Advice) to My Younger Self by Vern Gambetta shares some reflections he has gained over his 49 years of coaching.

The One Question All Coaches Should Ask Their Athletes from Changing the Game Project offers a key question all coaches should try asking their athletes.

Stop shooting silver bullets and learn to trust our teachers again by Dr Becky Allen offers her thoughts on accountability and autonomy within teaching.

Ten years on, thinking about desire paths by Keith Lyons is a wonderful piece of reflective writing on valuing effort, championing integrity and inclusivity, and accepting that we are not defined by medal outcomes.

Fighting The Funk: Staying Balanced As An Educator by Joey Feith is a complete overview of how he manages to cope with the stresses of life as a PE Teacher.

Tired Teacher Confesses by Sherri Spelic asks some pointed questions for PE teachers who are committed to a full career in the classroom.

The Power (or Pointlessness) of Silence… from Connected Coaches is a balanced opinion piece about the positives and negatives of using silence when coaching.

Core Values, Advocation, Professional Growth, Networks and Literacy. A call to action. from Mel Hamada is a deep and thoughtful piece values within PE Teaching and how they drive everything we do.

State of the (Coaching) Nation is a call to action by Tony Minichiello for a greater duty of care and focus on athlete wellbeing within professional sport through better coaching.

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