The PE Playbook – March 2018 Edition

“When movement is experienced as joy, it adorns our lives, makes our days go better, and gives us something to look forward to. When movement is joyful and meaningful, it may even inspire us to do things we never thought possible.” Scott Kretchmar


Blogger of the Month

Not a blog, but a vlog. Aaron Beighle is a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky, who specialises in physical education and physical activity for youth.He has recently set up Youtube channel called #JustthinkinPE,  where he shares some thoughts about PE and PA. Thoughts on how we might make social media as a form of professional development a little bit better or how building relationships and cultivating kindness is an important part of quality physical education. He asks some challenging questions on whether motor skills help children to value physical activity and what are the foundations they are built on or most recently about the link between fitness levels and academic achievement and our focus on outcomes or behaviours.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

In praise of the late developer is a New Statesman article written by Ed Smith about talent identification and our misplaced certainty of predicting children who will become world-class adult performers.

Coordination Training For Future Champions is a piece Jeremy Frisch that reminds us that young athletes are not little adults and that we should put them in an environment that is fun and engaging.

Essential Components of a Standards or Outcomes-Based Quality PE Program is by Shane Pill who suggests a number of design principles when planning learning within PE, including starting with the end in mind.

When Will Youth Sports Actually Serve the Needs of Youth? is an excellent post by John O’Sullivan of  Changing the Game Project who asks us youth coaches to constantly ask ourselves ‘does this meet the needs of the children?’

We (respectfully) disagree. by Doug Gleddie is a post that on the back of Norway’s success at the winter Olympics challenges to reimagine what youth sport is for and what it could be like.

The Metamorphosis of a Teacher is a deeply reflective and philosophical post by Jorge Rodriquez about his PE Teaching journey.

TMfU: Teaching Movement for Understanding by Dr Justen O’Connor is about inviting in variations and alternatives to the PE curriculum beyond sports, to better support our aim of promoting lifelong movement.

What Can Coaches Learn from Steve Kerr? is a post by Dan Wright who takes us through what he thinks we can learn about shaping positive coaching/playing environments from Steve Kerr.

Physical Activity, Fitness, Academic Achievement, Academic Performance is an interesting post from Justin Schleider which looks at defining and linking the terms in the title of his blog.

Advice to Young Coaches & Some Old Coaches Who Need to be Reminded Vern Gambetta offers us youth coaches some useful reminders from his years of experience.

The Case for Physical Education becoming a Core Subject in the National Curriculum is a paper by Dr Jo Harris on behalf of the PE Expert Group, for PE becoming a Core Subject in schools.

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One thought on “The PE Playbook – March 2018 Edition

  1. I really enjoyed the New Statesman and the Changing the Games articles – thanks for the links! With regards to the latter, as an adult athlete in a sport that encompasses participants from all age groups, it might be appropriate in some sports to ask the bigger question of “how does this serve the needs of the athletes” – although many of the issues identified in the article are issues for athletes of all ages.

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