The PE Playbook – April 2018 Edition

“Teaching physical education poorly is the easiest teaching job in any school; teaching physical education well is the hardest teaching job in any school.” (Instructional Models in Physical Education by Michael Metzler)

Blogger of the Month

This month it is my old friend Nick Hill who blogs at Nick Hill Coaching. Nick is a seasoned teacher of physical education and youth sports coach who has sought out a variety of different experiences from England to Chile and back again to better his practice. Even after all this, he is still seeking to improve his knowledge and skills and has started a blog series to share what he is learning on his coaching journey every Sunday evening. Nick’s current thoughts are on player-centred coaching, his understanding of the term and his experiences in trying to implement it into his coaching and the reasons why he uses it. I hope Nick continues to blog regularly as it will not only benefit his own practice through reflection but also his readers. As Nick says ‘one person teachers, two people learn…’

Top 10 Articles of the Month

General PE

Primary PE

Secondary PE

Tech in PE

Academic PE

Research in PE

PE Podcasts and Videos

School and Youth Sport

Other Articles of Interest

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