The PE Playbook – September 2018 Edition

‘Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.’ Voltaire.


Blogger of the Month

Dr Sergio Lara is a Reader in Sport Coaching at Leeds Beckett University. He completed his Phd in Positive Youth Development and out of that work has set up the iCoachKids project which is looking to transform the experiences of youth sport through the way coaches are trained in the EU. The website itself is full of useful information for youth coaches, such as the 10 Golden Rules to Create Positive Sport Experiences for Kids and the excellent Coaching Children Literature Review which all school sport and youth sport coaches should read. On top of that Sergio has created a MOOC that is free and accessible on his youtube channel which covers important topics such as coaching philosophy, positive pedagogical climate and safeguarding children in youth sports.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

What is a quality Health and Physical Education program in your context? by Shane Pill offers PE Teachers some reflective questions that will help enable departments to gain more or further insights that assist in the work of connecting children to the value of the continuous pursuit of engagement in physical activity.

Discovering Meaning in PE by Mel Hamada is another reflective post on her teaching and whether the implementations of models based practice can make the experience of PE more meaningful.

Ticked, Conflicted and (eventually) Motivated is a response by Doug Gleddie to recent research on negative experiences of PE ands how it affects adults engagement in physical activity and sport later on in life.

Coherence: Good Physical Education Depends on Our Purpose(s) of Life. is a philosophical post by Nate Babcock who suggests we can only get to the core of a ‘good’ PE curriculum when we can clearly define what is the ‘good life’ as one naturally supports the other.

A Tale of Two PE Teachers is a Socratic Dialogue by Balbinder Singh between the cognitive approach to skill acquisition and an ecological approach.

The Daily Mile – Cracking the obesity crisis or papering over the cracks? is a think piece on the Daily Mile phenomenon by Dave Collins who warns of it being used as the ‘sole’ initiative in preparing children for life long physical activity.

Planning based on needs and not tradition is from the new PE Blog from Loughborough University, which questions the use of ‘tradition’ as an answer to pedagogical and curriculum choices within PE.

How to Play Our Way to a Better Democracy is a New York Times article that gives an overview of a chapter from Jon Haidt and Greg Lukianoff new book ‘Coddling of the American Mind’. The chapter is about the decline of children’s physical free play and it’s impact on them as functioning adults and builds on the work of Steve Horwitz Cooperation over Coercion: The Importance of Unsupervised Childhood Play for Democracy and Liberalism and Dr Peter Gray Decline of Play and the Rise of Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents. It raises some interesting ideas about the educational aims of free play within a PE curriculum.

Why Physical Literacy Matters for Our Students is from Anthony De Giorgio of the importance of having a holistic approach to develop health in children through PE.

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