The PE Playbook – November 2018 Edition

The purpose of PE is ‘devoted to optimising the likelihood that people value physical activity that they organise their lives so regular involvement occurs through the lifespan.’ Sidentop 1994

Blogger of the Month

Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education is a podcast from Risto MarttinenSara Flory and Dillon Landi which focuses on trying to make research more open and accessible to all stakeholders involved in PE and Health. The show notes of each podcast shares the research, they then invite the resreacher on the show to talk about their research and sometimes includes a follow podcast about the theory that underpins the research. A perfect example of this was Dr Paul Wright’s work with colleagues on developing a Tool for Assessing Responsibility-based Education. The podcast interview when into detail about the tool and how teacher might be able to use it and then there was a follow up interview about the theory that underpins Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility as a model within Physical Education. Theory and practice are two languages about the same thing. This podcast goes a good way in trying to translate the language of theory into practice and I wholeheartedly recommend other PE Teachers who are interested in theory informed practice to check it out.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Aligning Curriculum to Best Practices

What happens in between teaching and learning during PE?

One Inch By One Inch

Living in Fellowship

Ask the Expert: Kelvin Giles (Movement Dynamics)

Shaping play from simple to complex game form by progressive conditioning of the rules of the game

What We Can Learn About Engagement From Video Games

Why Parents Must Stop Coaching From The Sidelines

Meaningful Experiences of Physical Education Pedagogical Cases

Dance seems to be the ultimate frivolity. How did it become a human necessity?

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Academic PE

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