Drowning in the Shallow 2018-in-review

“Play provides a context for children to practice newly acquired skills and also functions on the edge of their developing capacities to take on new social roles, attempt novel or challenging tasks and solve complex problems that they would not (or could not) otherwise do.” Bredekamp & Copple (1997)

The 10 Most Read Posts of 2018

1. 4 domains of learning in Physical Education (written in 2015)

Physical Education is a contested subject and will always remain to be so. Should we PE Teachers focus on the physical, or should we focus on the education? A Twitter survey of PE Teachers on what makes a good student of PE suggests that the education is held in higher regard than the physical.

2. What is a ‘constraints led approach’? (written in 2016)

Constraints led approach is a relatively new approach to skill acquisition. By manipulating constraints in highly specific and systematic way we can educate a performers attention to perceptual information or encourage them to come up with a different movement solution.

3. A Models Based Approach to PE: Cooperative Learning (written in 2016)

An overview of how I have tried to move away from traditional DEP (demonstrate, explain and practice) style of teaching athletics to one that was underpinned by the benchmarks of cooperative learning.

4. A Tactical Games Approach session in Rugby (written in 2015)

Trying to make both my teaching and coaching of team sports more game based has been a journey of trial and error. This was one of my more successful attempts to use a tactical games approach as a method to check knowledge, understanding and learning. I have since updated this session which can be found here.

5. 4 domains of learning in Physical Education – Refined  (written in 2016)

This post explores how I tried to develop a coherent and clear language around four learning domains within Physical Education so that both teachers and pupils could understand. This is an ongoing process in developing a holistic curriculum within PE.

6. A bluffers guide to non-linear pedagogy (written in 2016)

In 2016 I was reading a lot and part of my reading brought me to non-linear pedagogy. This is an attempt to get my head round the basics and collect a number of resources such as academic literature, video, lesson plans and commentary on the approach by PE teachers and sports coaches as a future reference source.

7. Does PE really develop Team Work?  (written in 2015)

During my MA in Educational Leadership I came across academic literature on group work and team work within organisations, this led to me thinking about the statement that PE develops team work and perhaps what we just naturally accept as an outcome of PE might be a myth.

8. A models based approach to PE: TGfU (written in 2014)

I really should update this blog post as my approach has been refined over the years, however details how I went about trying to teach rugby through a games based approach. In reality it isn’t TGfU but more of a small sided games approach but a handy starting point for those interested in making the move away from teaching sport as sport techniques.

9. A models based approach to PE: Sport Education (written in 2014)

Sport Education is an approach to the teaching of PE that emphasises learning through sport, developing skills such as team-working and leadership in pupils, as well as enhancing self-esteem and encouraging an appreciation of concepts of fair play.The blog post has links to documents that can help the noice teacher attempt to use this pedagogical model for the first time.

10. Meaningful Experiences in PE: Guiding Principles (written in 2018)

Over the last year I have been increasingly convinced that for the children in front to me to become physical educated (a person arrange their lives in such a way that the physical activities they freely engage in make a distinctive contribution to their long-term flourishing -MacAllister) they need to find meaning in forms of movement. These are my guiding principles to attend to the creation of meaningful experiences within physical education.

Once again thank you to those who have read, commented, challenged and critique. The investment of your time into my understanding and development is greatly appreciated. Wishing you all the best for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019.

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