The PE Playbook – January 2019 Edition


Blogger of the Month

Rob Gray is an experimental psychologist and sports scientist at Arizona State University who hosts the excellent Action and Perception Podcast. His key focus is around improving performing and speeding up skill acquisition, two things that PE teachers and school sports coaches should be very interested in. Recent podcasts that have application to PE are How Should we Space Training to Optimize Skill Acquisition? and Simple vs Complex Motor Skills: Do Training Principles Generalize?. All PE Teachers should check out his back catalogue of episodes especially interviews with Damian Farrow on Practice Design, Gabrielle Wulf on the OPTIMAL theory of motor learning and Jenelle Gilbert on mental skills training. What I really like about Rob’s work is that he makes theory accessible and gives clear advice on how to go about applying practical, as well as a comprehensive links section to every episode.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

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