The PE Playbook – March 2019 Edition

PE needs to help children answer two fundamental important questions pertaining to physical activity behaviours – 1) Am I able? 2) Is it worth it?

Blogger of the Month

If you are a PE Teacher who wishes to attend to the creation of meaningful experiences in PE then you must follow the work of LAMPE on twitter and on their meaningfulPE blog . A group of PE researchers whose work relies heavily on the philosophy of Scott Kretchmar to make sense of meaningful experiences. They typically involve fun, social interaction, challenge, motor competence and delight. LAMPE have tried to build an evidence base for this philosophy by reviewing the academic literature which has personal relevance added to the criteria. A very good overview to the framework can be found in a recent Playing with research in health and PE podcast episode with Stephaine Beni and Tim Fletcher. They provide further examples of how to go about practically apply the meaningful experiences framework in Pedagogical Case Studies and their recent blog post Preliminary Principles of Meaningful Physical Education in Schools.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Learning and Development by Nick Levett  puts forward 9 points that both developers of coaches and developers of players should consider when planning for learning and development.

I’ve always heard you should train how you play… by Alex Lascu is whether the pithy saying by coaching is ultimately about control, effort levels and accountability or making training more playful and representative of the game and allow freedom and exploration?

What Strength Coaches Should Know About Physical Education by Jeremy Frisch explains PE, LTAD, Youth S&C – what it is, what it isn’t and what coaches and parents need to know.

Think before you cut… Are physical education and the arts the glue that holds the school together? is research by Shirley Gray and colleagues is a summary of recent research about a wide curriculum can contribute to children’s positive engagement to school.

An Open Letter to the Out of Control Sports Parent Sitting Next to Me in the Stands is an open letter was written by a mother who has grown frustrated and disgruntled with the current state of youth sports and published on Changing the Game Project

Exploring athlete centred coaching. by Paul Kinnerk explores the concept of being “athlete centred” in team sports coaching and provides examples of strategies being applied in a Gaelic games context.

What is the RAMP warm-up? is a piece detailing Ian Jeffrey’s thoughts on the warm-up and how it should be approached.

Relationships, not training overload, main reason children quit competitive swimming puts forward the point with not just swimming, that when improvement ceases, we might need other reasons to keep participation such as positive social interactions.

Keeping Our Playgrounds Alive is a podcast where Andy Vasily is interviewing Scott Kretchmar about his thoughts on movement, physical activity and PE – “The bottom line is if the performer wants to move into the kingdom they have to feel.”

Schools love the idea of a growth mindset, but does it work? is an article by Carl Hendrick written for Aeon questioning how Growth Mindset has been used in the classroom and suggesting it might be better as a philosophy that guides our values and beliefs rather than something to practically apply.

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