The PE Playbook – April 2019 Edition

We need to turn our attention to subjective experiences. Quality of life experiences that need no more justification than what we gain in the immediate experience. Then we may come to value the meaning that movement has when we do it for its own sake.” Jan Rintala

Blogger of the Month

Jorge Rodriguez teaches primary school PE in Saudi Arabia and is the host of The Global PhysEd Voxcast, a podcast where he talks to educators from around the world and tries to learn from their unique experiences and perspective. Jorge consistently gets some great people on to interview about great topics such as Meaningful Experiences in PE with Tim Fletcher and Doug Gleddie, how to go about building relationship within the classroom with Aaron Bieghle and functional movement with Frank Forencich. Jorge is a great interview, asking insightful questions and allowing his guests the time to explain their answers with both depth and clarity. If you are a PE Teacher, you need to be listening to Jorge and The Global PhysEd Vocast.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Discipline are some words of wisdom from Vern Gambetta about how developing self discipline can create freedom and a sense of agency whether you are an athlete, coach or PE Teacher.

Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences in Racket Sports is a detailed explanation about how Andy Vasily attended to the creation of meaningful experiences within a unit of work within primary school PE.

Game sense — more than just “common sense”? is by Andrew Bevan, reflecting on a recent podcast about the Game Sense approach and how it might apply to his domain of cricket coaching.

“We need a much deeper understanding of the nature of learning” is an insightful interview with Alex Beard and his thoughts about learning, which is carried on in a second article “Education is not solely about acquiring job skills”

Valuing the physical activity life is a blog post by Dr Ash Casey on Siedentop’s paper titled ‘Valuing the physically active life: contemporary and future directions and his‘take home’ messages that would shape our practice as PE Teachers

How America Killed Play and what we can bring it back is a Stack article on the decline of unstructured physical play in the US and what adults can do to try and promote it in the modern world.

Making Progress with PE and Young People is a reflective piece on assessment and charting progress within PE from Liam McGowan.

Maslow’s Island is a wonderful review of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how we always try to simplify something complex to the detriment of our understanding and implementation.

To speak or not to speak, Teaching in Physical Education (PE) is by Balbinder Singh which focuses the role of verbal instruction when designing learning activities.

Finally, but by no means least, the below video is by Stephanie Beni and is an advocation piece for meaningful experiences in PE by making her research accessible by presenting it as a children’s storybook!


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