The PE Play Book – May 2019 Edition

We don’t solve the narrative trap by making new narratives, we just need to be more circumspect and less judgemental.” – Paul Dolan

Blogger of the Month

Martin Bingisser at Hmmr Media joins a small group who have been blogger of the month more than once.* This month on his website the theme has been ‘The Young Athlete‘ and the content he has shared has been first class, whether discussing Physical education with Greg Thompson, demonstrating how to use games in training, providing an excellent overview of the research on why talented youngsters rarely make it to the top or exploring the ideas of specialist and generalist in David Epstein’s new book Range. There is a lot more content and I highly recommend PE Teachers take the time to listen to the informative podcasts, read the practical blog posts and watch the videos Martin has collected this month (and every month).

* The others are Shane Pill at Learning Through Sport, Mel Hamda at and Dr Ash Casey at PEPRN which I highly recommend you check out as well.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Beyond Learning? by John Stoszkowski asks us to go beyond an either/or approach to selecting and applying methods by developing an awareness of when, where, how and why different coaching approaches might be most appropriate in different situations and contexts.

Play Involves Risk by Todd Hargrove is an excerpt from his new book – Playing with movement – about how we need to help children learn to manage risk through movement, not deprive them of any risk at all.

Prioritizing Challenge in PE is a wonderful exploration of a key feature of meaningful experiences in physical education by Aη∂у Vαѕιℓу

This Is What You Need To Know About External Coaching Cues by Darren Wensor is a very practical guide in using external cues in youth athletics.

The stuff men can’t talk about is an important post by Nick Levett about mental health.

Developing pathways to movement competence by Shane Pill is a good review of the current literature on how to develop movement competence in sport.

Top down, Bottom up, It depends…..Lesson design in Physical Education (PE) by Balbinder Singh is a highly reflective piece about the term ‘it depends’ within physical education.

Does Norway Have the Answer to Excess in Youth Sports? and Are Youth Sports Too Competitive? are two New York Times opinion pieces about the current culture in youth sport and whether it is best for the outcomes we want children to get from their experience of it.

How to Create a Warm-Up Inspired by Physical Education is by Jeremy Frisch and full of excellent practical advice, ideas and videos on how to improve warm-ups for youth athletes.

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Other Articles of Interest

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