17 years a PE Teacher. No longer. It has been a challenging year professionally. An ignorant person is inclined to blame others for their own misfortune. To blame oneself is proof of progress, but the wise person never has to blame another or themselves. I’m often ignorant, though I’m practising daily at becoming more wise.… Read More Identity

Digital Video Games Approach: Cricket

As I discussed in my last post a Digital Video Games Approach is not ‘just’ gamification. It is a games based approach, using pedagogical principles, with the main learning outcome being in the cognitive domain, focusing on the developing participants meta-cognitive skills, such as planning, monitoring and evaluating their own learning. Pedagogical Principles of Digital… Read More Digital Video Games Approach: Cricket

A Digital Video Games Approach is not ‘just’ gamification.

A Digital Video Games Approach is not ‘just’ gamification. Both approaches try to answer the question “How do you get someone to learn something long, hard and complex, and yet enjoy it?” by using video games design as a potential source of inspiration. What are they? Gamification is an approach that applies certain video game… Read More A Digital Video Games Approach is not ‘just’ gamification.

The PE Play Book – July 2019 Edition

The PE in the title will take on two meanings; Physical Education but also Practice Focused and Evidence Informed. What do I mean by Practice Focused and Evidence Informed? Practice Focused Evidence Informed Purpose of Curriculum Theory and Research Content of Curriculum My own experience of teaching Teaching of Curriculum Subjective Data Reflection on purpose,… Read More The PE Play Book – July 2019 Edition

Game Sense: Reviews

Game Sense is neither a ‘game-is-the-teacher’ or a ‘roll-out-the-ball-and-play’ approach to teaching (Pill, 2016). It is an explicit guided approach that is driven by four core pedagogical features (Light, 2013): Designing the learning environment Emphasising questioning to generate dialogue Providing opportunities for collaborative formulation of ideas/solutions that have time to be tested and evaluated In… Read More Game Sense: Reviews

The physically educated person

We want every child to build up their character and resilience by having access to a variety of activities to stretch and challenge themselves. Here are our #5FoundationsForCharacter to help young people think, develop and grow 👇 — DfE (@educationgovuk) February 7, 2019 With every government initiative in education there are unforeseen consequences. The… Read More The physically educated person

The PE Play Book – May 2019 Edition

Blogger of the Month Martin Bingisser at Hmmr Media joins a small group who have been blogger of the month more than once.* This month on his website the theme has been ‘The Young Athlete‘ and the content he has shared has been first class, whether discussing Physical education with Greg Thompson, demonstrating how to use games in training, providing an… Read More The PE Play Book – May 2019 Edition