Every September 150 children join my school in Year 7. In terms of Physical Education you can split them into two distinct groups: those who value movement and those that don’t. For those that do value movement everything you provide in lessons is a treat. For those that don’t everything is a struggle. The second… Read More Flourishing

Affective Thinking

A recent comment on my blog from Dr Alan Thomson and a conversation on Twitter with Nate Babcock and Anthony De Giorgio has got me thinking about the Affective Domain. Of the four learning domains within our curriculum, the Affective Domain is the one that I find the most difficult to practically apply and teach. This post is a reflection… Read More Affective Thinking

Guest Post: Reimagining Physical Education by @jeffjgiles

What is the purpose of Physical Education? What competencies should a student that has journeyed through Physical Education possess? How do you cater for the variety of individuals that are present in your Physical Education class? I believe that one of the primary functions of Physical Education is to develop the students attitude and skills… Read More Guest Post: Reimagining Physical Education by @jeffjgiles


Advocate. A person who publicly supports, champions and recommends a particular cause. In the last few months I have increasingly seen and heard that we should be an advocate for PE. Both in the online and the real world space that I exist in. In a recent twilight CPD session we were encouraged to actively… Read More Advocate