At the crossroads

In my previous school the crossroads was where entry into the school dissected with the exit, but more than that it was a place of ritual for school sport. Rituals of meetings, greetings, departures and journeys. Also rituals of questions and reflections. Without fail, the first question that a player was met with as they … Continue reading At the crossroads

Physical Literacy: What is your flavour?

"Now what happens when you take a system apart, it loses all of its essential properties and therefore when you take a situation and by analysis reduce it to the problems of which it is composed you have lost all the essential properties of reality and essential properties of the parts." - Russell AckoffPhysical Literacy: … Continue reading Physical Literacy: What is your flavour?


17 years a PE Teacher. No longer. It has been a challenging year professionally. An ignorant person is inclined to blame others for their own misfortune. To blame oneself is proof of progress, but the wise person never has to blame another or themselves. I'm often ignorant, though I'm practising daily at becoming more wise. … Continue reading Identity

The ambushers

Real vs Ideal Self.. Life Dance! Image by Manolis Stratakis "Let your mind become a lens, thanks to the converging rays of attention; let your soul be all intent on whatever it is that is established in your mind as dominant, wholly absorbing idea." Antonin-Dalmace Sertillanges Every day I strive to close the gap between … Continue reading The ambushers

Is a ‘pedagogy of meaning’ the answer to negative experiences of PE?

A child's experiences of physical education in the present may influence their movement behaviours in the future. In 2014 the University of Birmingham started the BIG PE Conversation looking at young adults experience of PE and how it impacted on their decision making when it came to physical activity. 1800 people's responses found that 37% … Continue reading Is a ‘pedagogy of meaning’ the answer to negative experiences of PE?

Be more fox.

A 'temporal landmark' is a way to navigate our lives. Certain important dates, such as a birthday, the New Year or an anniversary, are prominent and stand out from the ceaseless march of time. Daniel Pink in his book When describes them as 'a chance to start again by relegating our old selves to the … Continue reading Be more fox.

Opening the door to more.

My very first lesson as a qualified teacher was also nearly my very last. I was teaching Olympic Gymnastics to 34 Year 11 boys; rings, pommels, parallel bars, vaulting and floor work. Thankfully I had the chance to tweak my lesson as I had the opportunity to watch Noel, a very experienced member of the … Continue reading Opening the door to more.

The Joy of Kretchmar

Each one of us who joins #Physed Twitter is in search of something. For one it may be resources, for another, it is new ideas. Some come seeking a community of practice they don't have in their own school. Others are not sure what they are seeking for so tend to lurk, waiting in hope, that … Continue reading The Joy of Kretchmar

Kicking over the Ladder

I've come to a decision to kick over the ladder. From my very first day in teaching a ladder was placed before me. The first rung of that ladder is the classroom teacher. Above that, the Middle Leadership rung, with its fork to either pastoral or academic responsibilities. One step further up is the Senior Leadership roles of … Continue reading Kicking over the Ladder


Recently I sat around a table with my old school friends discussing how rugby had and continues to enrich our lives. We exchanged opinions on a wide range of ideas that included building confidence, joyful memories, a sense of belonging, cultural capital that provided further opportunities, self-identity and preparing us to deal with the realities … Continue reading Frames