At the crossroads

In my previous school the crossroads was where entry into the school dissected with the exit, but more than that it was a place of ritual for school sport. Rituals of meetings, greetings, departures and journeys. Also rituals of questions and reflections. Without fail, the first question that a player was met with as they … Continue reading At the crossroads

School Sport – time to blur the boundaries?

In the last few week I've had numerous conversations about school sport. Due to Covid-19 it has been missing and schools want it back. But why? Whether it was a Headteacher of small primary school in rural Somerset, a Head of PE in a large inner city comprehensive, a Director of Sport in an all … Continue reading School Sport – time to blur the boundaries?

A Tactical Games Approach – Revisted

A Tactical Games Approach to teaching Games The tactical games approach aims to improve children's understanding of the game by combining tactical awareness and skill execution. It does that by placing them in a modified game situation with a tactical problem to solve. The rationale for a tactical games teaching in PE and school sport … Continue reading A Tactical Games Approach – Revisted

Digital Video Games Approach: Cricket

As I discussed in my last post a Digital Video Games Approach is not 'just' gamification. It is a games based approach, using pedagogical principles, with the main learning outcome being in the cognitive domain, focusing on the developing participants meta-cognitive skills, such as planning, monitoring and evaluating their own learning. Pedagogical Principles of Digital … Continue reading Digital Video Games Approach: Cricket

Game Sense: Reviews

Game Sense is neither a 'game-is-the-teacher' or a 'roll-out-the-ball-and-play' approach to teaching (Pill, 2016). It is an explicit guided approach that is driven by four core pedagogical features (Light, 2013): Designing the learning environment Emphasising questioning to generate dialogue Providing opportunities for collaborative formulation of ideas/solutions that have time to be tested and evaluated In … Continue reading Game Sense: Reviews

The physically educated person With every government initiative in education there are unforeseen consequences. The current drive to build character through sport (and other activities) is having, in my opinion, an unforeseen negative impact on curriculum PE. Staffing, finances, facilities and time are being redistributed from PE provision to school sport provision. Now this might not necessarily be … Continue reading The physically educated person

Some thoughts on school sport…

  Context The context between each school that tries to provide school sport will always different. The gap in provision between the biggest and well resourced independent school whose sports budget runs into the millions to the smallest and underfunded state school who relies on the good will of volunteers is often vast. However, no matter … Continue reading Some thoughts on school sport…

The Gift

As a novice teacher of PE and coach of youth sport I wanted to add value to the children I interacted with on a daily basis. I intently observed the more experienced teachers around me. I worked hard at imitating them and their behaviours. Over time I got better and better until I thought I … Continue reading The Gift

The ‘enjoyment’ time out

Enjoyment is a funny thing. It's a personal thing. What makes something enjoyable for one person, might not be the reason it is enjoyable for another. I remember as a teenager sitting in the back of a school minibus having this exact conversation with my teammates after competing in a orienteering event. The four of … Continue reading The ‘enjoyment’ time out

The Reserve

Whilst coaching my school football team today a reserve from the opposition side caught my eye. He was a tall lad, who clearly hadn't grown accustomed to his new height. A bundle of raw energy, he was running the line for his team. As he sidestepped up and down the pitch, trying to keep inline … Continue reading The Reserve