Searching for a deeper meaning in movement

To love and teach movement because it is human and beautiful, full of its own meanings and its own absurdity, has been denied to us. We have had to struggle up-hill, like Sisyphus, to make movement something that it cannot be. Thus movement seems sometimes to fail us, not because of what it is, but because of what we have asked it to … Continue reading Searching for a deeper meaning in movement

What sport tells us about life.

  On Tuesday evening, just over 300 of the school community, gathered to reflect on and celebrate a year of school sport. An informally formal occasion, this was a chance to recognise and reward those pupils who have consistently demonstrated a sense of sportsmanship, reliability, a co-operative attitude towards staff and a record of loyalty and service to school sport. It is … Continue reading What sport tells us about life.

Poles Apart

In Complexity Thinking in PE, Richard Tinning and Anthony Rossi write 'In the face of messy, unruly, boisterous classes of school children and the expectation to deliver predictable, explicit, educational outcomes, teachers of physical education are likely to reduce complexity and have their pedagogy shaped by more practical contingencies rather than by complexity thinking.' They … Continue reading Poles Apart

Shaping the Game

At the heart of a games based approach to teaching is the challenge to the centrality of learning isolated and decontextualised techniques that will 'allow' the child to play. Instead of starting with the practice of the prerequisite techniques, the starting point is the game and play itself. It is through play that the learning needs … Continue reading Shaping the Game

The Weekend Coach

The Way of a Coach is forged by their continual choices, actions and the type of relationships they try to build. We create this Way with every interaction we have with the children we coach. Our Way creates the environment for young people in sport. The environment to learn, to play and to find joy. However … Continue reading The Weekend Coach

Movement Performance or Movement Learning?

Recently my line manager came to observe me coaching as part of my performance management review as Director of Sport. The session he decided to choose to watch was an U12 cricket training session after school. The focus of the session was around the principles of play for the fielding side, specifically working on developing the motor skills of … Continue reading Movement Performance or Movement Learning?

A STEP away from the lesson plan.

For the first part of my career I spent most of my time honing my knowledge and skills to become more competent in my job as a Teacher of PE. The focus of that competency was efficiency; routines, rules, instruction, subject knowledge and lesson plans. The PE classroom is a dynamic and chaotic place, impacted on by the … Continue reading A STEP away from the lesson plan.

#Relearn 3: Perspective

Relearn continues to challenge my thinking. I listened to many stories at Coopers last Wednesday night. Of Chris's journey of setting up a high performance coaching structure in a new sport. Of Tom's honesty of not always knowing what is best for the athletes he has a responsibility for. Of Danny's relentless pursuit of a … Continue reading #Relearn 3: Perspective

Meaning in Movement

Meaning in Movement, Sport and Physical Education by Peter J. Arnold has been a influential text on my practice as a Teacher of PE. I often speak to colleagues about the three dimensions of movement that Arnold proposes in the book; education about movement, education through movement and education in movement as a framework for … Continue reading Meaning in Movement