Physical Literacy: Can we teach it?

Can physical literacy (PL) be taught? This is a question I have been asked by primary school teachers, secondary school PE teachers and youth sport coaches over the last few weeks. This post is an attempt to articulate my thinking and start a discussion about what is the best way for teachers and coaches who … Continue reading Physical Literacy: Can we teach it?

A continuum of experiences in PE

What is success in PE? The answer to this question all depends on what role you think PE has to play in a child's schooling and their wider education beyond. Whilst there will always be a lack of consensus, one idea that tends to unite people is that PE should contribute to children becoming physically … Continue reading A continuum of experiences in PE

Drowning in the Shallow 2019-in-review

10 most read posts of 2019 10 most read posts written in 2019 4 domains of learning in Physical Education (written in 2015) Physical Education is a contested subject and will always remain to be so. Should we PE Teachers focus on the physical, or should we focus on the education? A Twitter survey of PE … Continue reading Drowning in the Shallow 2019-in-review

Breaking the mythcycle

A mythcycle (Hedberg and Jönsson, 1978) is a common belief shared by a group, profession or organisation that what they are doing is the main reason for their success. In doing this they disregard any other reasons and any other ways of doing. People then on a daily basis look for confirmation that this myth … Continue reading Breaking the mythcycle

Physical Literacy: What is your flavour?

"Now what happens when you take a system apart, it loses all of its essential properties and therefore when you take a situation and by analysis reduce it to the problems of which it is composed you have lost all the essential properties of reality and essential properties of the parts." - Russell AckoffPhysical Literacy: … Continue reading Physical Literacy: What is your flavour?

Should competitive activities be part of the curriculum in physical education in schools?

Should competitive activities be part of the curriculum in physical education in schools? Answering this question is at the heart of the paper Competition in Physical Education: Avoid, Ask, Adapt or Accept? (Aggerholm et al, 2018) which I shared on twitter recently. It certainly developed an interesting thread, with most respondents being positive about competitions place within the … Continue reading Should competitive activities be part of the curriculum in physical education in schools?

Dotting the i’s

The new Education Inspection Framework was released in May and updated in September. OFSTED will use all the available evidence to evaluate what it is like to be a learner in your school's provision. They will do that through four key judgements; quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development and leadership and management. What does … Continue reading Dotting the i’s

Best in Show Best in Show is a mockumentary that takes a comedic view of dog shows, by following a number of participants and their dogs through a prestigious competition. During the competition judges not only compare dogs to each other, they also judge each dog against the parameters of the idealised version of its breed. In other words, … Continue reading Best in Show


17 years a PE Teacher. No longer. It has been a challenging year professionally. An ignorant person is inclined to blame others for their own misfortune. To blame oneself is proof of progress, but the wise person never has to blame another or themselves. I'm often ignorant, though I'm practising daily at becoming more wise. … Continue reading Identity

Digital Video Games Approach: Cricket

As I discussed in my last post a Digital Video Games Approach is not 'just' gamification. It is a games based approach, using pedagogical principles, with the main learning outcome being in the cognitive domain, focusing on the developing participants meta-cognitive skills, such as planning, monitoring and evaluating their own learning. Pedagogical Principles of Digital … Continue reading Digital Video Games Approach: Cricket