The PE Playbook – July 2017 Edition

Blogger of the Month Paul Gamble  is a specialist in athletic preparation, with a back ground in strength and conditioning. He blogs at Informed in Sport where he looks to provide athletes, coaches and practitioners a compass to help navigate the ever-growing seas of information, and a lens to look beneath the surface. Always insightful and challenging this… Read More The PE Playbook – July 2017 Edition

Constraints Led Approach – Cognitive Dissonance

Over half term I had the pleasure to attend a seminar on Research and Practice Design in Elite and Development Team Games Programmes at Sheffield Hallam University. The three presenters Vanda Correria, Mark O’Sullivan and Danny Newcombe shared their current research and practice which has been influenced by an ecological dynamics framework. Vanda shared her experimental… Read More Constraints Led Approach – Cognitive Dissonance


Every September 150 children join my school in Year 7. In terms of Physical Education you can split them into two distinct groups: those who value movement and those that don’t. For those that do value movement everything you provide in lessons is a treat. For those that don’t everything is a struggle. The second… Read More Flourishing