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PE Philosophy

This was written for and originally posted on PE Pedagogy.   What is a philosophy? Simply it is our most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes that we have. Our philosophy has been shaped by the people around us and through our observation of them. It is defined by our experiences, our acquired knowledge and through […]

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PE Challenge No. 1

Happy New Year fellow teachers of PE. The new year is a time for resolutions and is full of grand new plans. Rather than formulate and implement those plans, why don’t you try a challenge instead? A challenge is a test of one’s abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking. Over the next 8 weeks, every weekend, I will offer you a challenge for the following […]

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Increasing the Physical in PE

Physical Education is in its nature a practical subject. Whilst I have a deep rooted belief that we need to impart knowledge about our subject to students, we need to do it in the most practical way possible. We need to give our students as much time to run, jump, throw, catch, kick, and hit […]

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PE Tip of the Day @PE_TotD #ITTPE

If you are a PE Teacher and you aren’t following PE Tip if the Day (@PE_TotD) on twitter, then you really should. His account focuses on the sharing of practical core PE tips. Its a brilliant resource if you want ideas on activities you can do in your lessons. Think of it like that older […]