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PE Tip of the Day @PE_TotD #ITTPE

If you are a PE Teacher and you aren’t following PE Tip if the Day (@PE_TotD) on twitter, then you really should. His account focuses on the sharing of practical core PE tips. Its a brilliant resource if you want ideas on activities you can do in your lessons. Think of it like that older […]

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Three wise monkeys of research

Initially there were no monkeys. Just a proverb which focused on being good of mind, speech and of action. The monkeys themselves originated in Japan on a play on words of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. The pronunciation of the words was the same as the names of three monkeys. The […]

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Top Tips for AQA AS PE

Recently I experienced my first webinar. The focus of it was an introduction to AQA AS Level Physical Education. Being the first time I have taught this examining board and spec I required a little extra information. Apologies if this teaching your grandmother to suck eggs but here are my top things that I found out: […]