PE Philosophy

This was written for and originally posted on PE Pedagogy.   What is a philosophy? Simply it is our most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes that we have. Our philosophy has been shaped by the people around us and through our observation of them. It is defined by our experiences, our acquired knowledge and through … Continue reading PE Philosophy

Withdrawal from school sport as a sanction

Withdrawing a student from school sport Withdrawing students from school sport as sanction is a contentious issue and one I think requires thorough thought and forward planning. If used wisely and correctly it can have the desired positive outcome, however more often I believe it is used because it is seen as an easy stick … Continue reading Withdrawal from school sport as a sanction

Teacher Tweaks by @PE4Learning

Simple tweaks for Core PE. Tweaks are simple fine adjustments but can lead to effective changes.  Here are three simple tweaks you may one to try. Tweak 1 - A test of changing room etiquette. The point of this one is to see how many of your students meet and greet you as they walk … Continue reading Teacher Tweaks by @PE4Learning

The Double Hot Cross Bun Theory

The Scenario Think about this scenario: - The curriculum changes, everybody in the school gets letters and due to changes your going to get made redundant as your job will disappear. What are your very thoughts? My first one was 'how am I going to afford my house? What are your feelings? My initial feeling was anxiety/anger … Continue reading The Double Hot Cross Bun Theory

Sport and Sanctions

Today I received this email: Dear Sporticus, I wanted to speak to you at break but got sidetracked with trips and other things. Head of Year and I met Bob and his parents this morning regarding his academic achievements and concerns about his lack of organisation and commitment in general. It has been agreed that … Continue reading Sport and Sanctions

Teach Meet: Behaviour Management

So today we had our first internal school Teach Meet with a focus on behaviour management (particularly for Years 7 to 9). It was delivered by an experienced Head of Year and it started quite a good Q and A session at the end, especially by the newer teachers within the school. Her approach to behaviour … Continue reading Teach Meet: Behaviour Management

A models based approach to PE: Sport Education

Using Sport Education to develop Leadership and Management Sport Education is an alternative model of delivering Physical Education, which was created by Daryl Sidentop in 1984. The traditional model of delivering Physical Education is through practice of a skill, progression of the skill and then game related practice focusing on the skill. What Sport Education tries … Continue reading A models based approach to PE: Sport Education