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The big picture.

  A Senior Leader comes across three students moving on the field. The Senior Leader asks the first one, “What are you doing?” The first responds, “I am becoming fitter” The Senior Leader then asks the second one, “What are you doing?” The second responds, “I am becoming healthier.” They are doing the same “movement.” […]

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A new strategy for Sport – A consultation

Today, Tracey Crouch along with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport have released their consultation document for a new strategy for sport. This doesn’t happen very often. The last broad strategy for sport, ‘Game Plan’,  was released 13 years ago.  If you have a vested interest in movement, physical activity, health and wellbeing, Physical […]

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Withdrawal from school sport as a sanction

Withdrawing a student from school sport Withdrawing students from school sport as sanction is a contentious issue and one I think requires thorough thought and forward planning. If used wisely and correctly it can have the desired positive outcome, however more often I believe it is used because it is seen as an easy stick […]

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Simple Notational Analysis in PE

Today I went to see a colleague teach Year 8 Football. They are a low ability set and have very poor fundamental motor skills. We have been discussing different approaches in getting them motivated, moving and working on improving their confidence and competence in different activities. Through questioning my colleague about his teaching of the class […]