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The Handshake

Today’s game turned sour due to a handshake. Or to be more exact, the lack of a handshake. My team had been beaten well in all areas of the game and the opposition had deservedly won. At the final whistle both sides went to each other to shake hands and offer words of celebration or commiseration. […]

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#Relearn 2: Change

Relearn is a community of narrative inquiry. A belief that storytelling is one, if not the fundamental unit, that accounts for human experiences. Once again I ventured to a coffee bar in Marlow to listen and tell stories about sport. Those who sat around the table, from high performance to grass roots participation, came to […]

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A decade of change

My 100th post slipped me by unnoticed, so for my 101st I thought I would touch upon and bring together some of my previous thoughts: Introducing myself to the head of French on my first day of school I say, “I’m the new PE teacher”. Her response is to point to the other side of the staff room […]