Sharing our failures #2

This is my second post about sharing failures within PE. This was born out of a discussion with the online PE community about ultimately what we wanted from our PLNs. Some of us felt if we were to get anything useful we needed to get beyond a culture of self promotion and backslapping and start … Continue reading Sharing our failures #2

Sharing our failures #1

In a recent blog, Mel Hamada, wrote about her perceptions of the culture of online Physical Education community. Mel felt that a lot of interactions within the community were about self-promotion, 'back slapping' and 'high fiving each other'. Sentiments I both share and am guilty of through this blog and on Twitter. Reflecting on this … Continue reading Sharing our failures #1

A blog post revisited – Teach Meet: Behaviour Management

I think I have found a successful formula for my blog┬áto get a lot of traffic. ┬áThat is either be on the receiving end of a one sentence critique from @oldandrew or to point out the poor leadership of my line managers. However I didn't start to blog for that reason, or for financial gains, … Continue reading A blog post revisited – Teach Meet: Behaviour Management