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Sharing our failures #2

This is my second post about sharing failures within PE. This was born out of a discussion with the online PE community about ultimately what we wanted from our PLNs. Some of us felt if we were to get anything useful we needed to get beyond a culture of self promotion and backslapping and start […]


The War on Mediocrity

It’s late and I can’t sleep. Need to get this out so I can clear my mind. Its election season and I knew I shouldn’t have read the news on the way to work this morning.  It is full of stupid political announcements designed purely for winning votes rather than improving education. I was in a positive […]

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Tongue in Groove

A couple of weeks ago I got it both barrels from a colleague. Bob is an experienced member of staff. I approached him whilst he was at the photocopier preparing for his lesson. I wished him a Happy New Year and asked how the start of his term was going. ‘Have you come to fit […]


Eating Marshmallows in PE

The Marshmallow Test I have just finished reading The Marshmallow Test by Walter Mischel: Walter Mischel is a psychologist who specialises in personality theory and social psychology. The book details his life’s work and research over the last 50 years, specifically looking at self control. My understanding of this is that self control and self […]

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TLC – Verbal Feedback (3)

This year I’m focusing on improving peer verbal feedback within my classroom. You can read my back ground reading and preparation here and here. I believe being able to verbalise performance is key to improving Physical Education. Movement and talking about movement go hand in hand. Teacher verbal feedback is hugely important to help students progress […]

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TLC – Verbal Feedback (2)

This year I have joined a TLC at school with a focus on Verbal Feedback. In my last post I talked about where my reading and thoughts about verbal feedback were leading me. More than anything in PE, the ability to be critically reflective is one that is going to help improve performance. Whilst I’m […]

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Developing Culture, Legacy and Ethos through School Sport

This summer I followed the CPD advice of an influential edu-blogger and ‘read a book’. One of the many books I spent reading was Legacy, 15 lessons in Leadership. James Kerr, the author, got the privilege in 2010 to spend around 5 weeks in a training camp with the All Blacks. He got to speak […]

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Examination PE: What I learnt today from a Maths Teacher

The last time I taught A-Level PE was two years ago. It went pretty poorly and for the first time in over a decade I had students who didn’t meet their target grades or better. At the time in my write up to the Headmaster I found every excuse under the sun, other than my […]