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Does PE really develop Team Work? 

We seem at times to be always justifying Physical Education’s place within a school’s curriculum. With such a focus on numerical outcomes, learning ‘in’, ‘through’ and ‘about’ movement just doesn’t seem to carry much weight at the moment. As if a holistic view of education in school might be such a terrible thing. So in response […]

Professional Development Teaching and Learning

The Challenge of Teaching PE

I’ve always liked a quote that is attributed* to William Butler Yeats, ‘education is not about filling a bucket but lighting a fire‘.  This has suggested to me that there is going to be an element of risk within education. If you stay in teaching long enough you can end up on auto-pilot. You start going […]

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Saturday Morning School Sport

The sound of tape being pulled and ripped off the roll. The smell of deep heat wafting around the changing rooms. Metal studs clanking on the changing room floor. The sight of my parents on the touch line and the strange mixture of pride and embarrassment I felt when seeing them. The feeling of slipping […]

Teaching and Learning

TLC – Verbal Feedback (2)

This year I have joined a TLC at school with a focus on Verbal Feedback. In my last post I talked about where my reading and thoughts about verbal feedback were leading me. More than anything in PE, the ability to be critically reflective is one that is going to help improve performance. Whilst I’m […]

Professional Development

Do you use a Professional Development Plan?

In my time teaching I’ve had some pretty pointless CPD and Performance Management Reviews. Quite a lot of that was down to my lack of preparation and understanding of what I needed to develop. Not having a clear idea in my head of my strengths, areas of development and where I wanted to go was […]