Back to Basics: Observation

This post was originally post on the PE Circle on 8th November, 2015 Due to the practical nature of our subject and the environments we find ourselves in, observation is at the centre of being an effective teacher of PE. At a basic level observation helps us with lesson safety, organisation and behaviour management. However its main … Continue reading Back to Basics: Observation

Conversations in Sport Education

The model of Sports Education was designed by Daryll Siedentop. He felt that sport in Physical Education had been 'decontextualised', meaning it had been reduced to a shopping list of skills and tactics that needed to be taught and learnt before the game could be experienced. Not only did this take the primary focus of … Continue reading Conversations in Sport Education

PE Philosophy

This was written for and originally posted on PE Pedagogy.   What is a philosophy? Simply it is our most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes that we have. Our philosophy has been shaped by the people around us and through our observation of them. It is defined by our experiences, our acquired knowledge and through … Continue reading PE Philosophy

Building Personal Responsibility in School Sport

  One of the most time consuming aspects of my job as a Director of Sport is dealing with parents, especially if the issues relate directly to their son. Within a normal week I probably have to deal with 4 to 5 issues relating to team selection for school sport. What takes up most of … Continue reading Building Personal Responsibility in School Sport

Three wise monkeys of research

Initially there were no monkeys. Just a proverb which focused on being good of mind, speech and of action. The monkeys themselves originated in Japan on a play on words of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". The pronunciation of the words was the same as the names of three monkeys. The … Continue reading Three wise monkeys of research

Is PRP preventing open and honest dialogue?

I've just completed the performance management review process this year, experiencing my schools new PRP policy, both as a line manager and as someone who is being line managed. These are my initial thoughts on the process: My personal experience: As usual I prepared fully for the meeting as I usually do. I had documented … Continue reading Is PRP preventing open and honest dialogue?

What I learnt from a Dinosaur.

I had a quite an emotional chat today with a 62 year old teacher named Bernie. Now Bernie teaches Physics. He has taught Physics for 39 years. God knows how many young men and women he has shared his knowledge and understanding of Newton's Laws of Motion, Interference of Waves or Quarks and Antiquarks to, but he … Continue reading What I learnt from a Dinosaur.

Examination PE: What I learnt today from a Maths Teacher

The last time I taught A-Level PE was two years ago. It went pretty poorly and for the first time in over a decade I had students who didn't meet their target grades or better. At the time in my write up to the Headmaster I found every excuse under the sun, other than my … Continue reading Examination PE: What I learnt today from a Maths Teacher