Curriculum PE

A continuum of experiences in PE

What is success in PE? The answer to this question all depends on what role you think PE has to play in a child’s schooling and their wider education beyond. Whilst there will always be a lack of consensus, one idea that tends to unite people is that PE should contribute to children becoming physically […]

Personal Reflection School Sport

Saturday Morning School Sport

The sound of tape being pulled and ripped off the roll. The smell of deep heat wafting around the changing rooms. Metal studs clanking on the changing room floor. The sight of my parents on the touch line and the strange mixture of pride and embarrassment I felt when seeing them. The feeling of slipping […]

Management and Leadership Professional Development

Is PRP preventing open and honest dialogue?

I’ve just completed the performance management review process this year, experiencing my schools new PRP policy, both as a line manager and as someone who is being line managed. These are my initial thoughts on the process: My personal experience: As usual I prepared fully for the meeting as I usually do. I had documented […]

Personal Reflection

What I learnt from a Dinosaur.

I had a quite an emotional chat today with a 62 year old teacher named Bernie. Now Bernie teaches Physics. He has taught Physics for 39¬†years. God knows how many young men and women he has shared¬†his knowledge and understanding of Newton’s Laws of Motion, Interference of Waves or Quarks and Antiquarks to, but he […]