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Through their eyes

I was going to blog on withdrawal from school sport as a possible sanction, but today something occurred that I have to get off my chest. Saturday morning school sport is one of the most rewarding elements of my job. My U13 team had just finished up the last game of the season and instead […]

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A tale of two schools

It was the fittest of times, it was the fattest of times, it was the age of the tech,  it was the age of the tradition, it was the epoch of competition, it was the epoch of mass participation, it was the season of spending, it was the season of austerity, it was the spring of activity, […]

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Building Personal Responsibility in School Sport

  One of the most time consuming aspects of my job as a Director of Sport is dealing with parents, especially if the issues relate directly to their son. Within a normal week I probably have to deal with 4 to 5 issues relating to team selection for school sport. What takes up most of […]