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A decade of change

My 100th post slipped me by unnoticed, so for my 101st I thought I would touch upon and bring together some of my previous thoughts: Introducing myself to the head of French on my first day of school I say, “I’m the new PE teacher”. Her response is to point to the other side of the staff room […]

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The misconception of PE in the Media

Physical Education, sport and recreational physical activity have been in the headlines in the recent weeks. It is right and important for these issues to be discussed and debated at a national level, such are the current issues of health, childhood obesity, wellbeing and sedentary behaviour. However it is clear that there is a mixing […]

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Competitive Sport in State Schools

I was at the Wellington College Festival of Education this year, and I heard Sir Michael Wilshaw deliver his keynote address on reclaiming comprehensives. One of his main messages was about raising competition within state school sport. He was passionate in his delivery and of course being a PE Teacher I was in full agreement […]