Recently I sat around a table with my old school friends discussing how rugby had and continues to enrich our lives. We exchanged opinions on a wide range of ideas that included building confidence, joyful memories, a sense of belonging, cultural capital that provided further opportunities, self-identity and preparing us to deal with the realities… Read More Frames

Political Party Manifestos and Physical Activity

With the 2015 General Election fast approaching the main political parties have now produced their manifestos. Whilst physical activity rightly shouldn’t be a main policy or one that decides my own vote, I am interested to see how something of personal importance to me is communicated within their manifestos. Using a simple ‘find word’ function on the… Read More Political Party Manifestos and Physical Activity

Unlocking Potential – A manifesto for PE and School Sport

On Wednesday 14th January the Youth Sports Trust launched Unlocking Potential – A manifesto for PE and School Sport. Who are the YST and what is a manifesto? The YST is an independent charity, started in 1995, which aims to support the development of young people through physical education. They implement quality physical education and sport programmes… Read More Unlocking Potential – A manifesto for PE and School Sport

PE Challenge No. 1

Happy New Year fellow teachers of PE. The new year is a time for resolutions and is full of grand new plans. Rather than formulate and implement those plans, why don’t you try a challenge instead? A challenge is a test of one’s abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking. Over the next 8 weeks, every weekend, I will offer you a challenge for the following… Read More PE Challenge No. 1


Inspired by Martyn Reah’s post on teacher wellbeing and the #Teacher5aday movement Wellbeing Last year was pretty tough. Accumulation of seven years of working non-stop, not forming any meaningful relationships outside of work and an unwillingness to say ‘no’ had finally taking its toll. Added to this I was no longer looking after my body,… Read More Wellbeing

‘Interventions’ to help develop a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.

Intervention Intervention seems to be the rage at the moment, at least it is a buzzword in my school. It stems from ensuring pupils make the required progress and meet targets set. As teachers we are supposed to know the current attainment level of our students and ensure our teaching gets the required amount of… Read More ‘Interventions’ to help develop a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.