The role of gamification in problem solving.

The application of gamification, that is the usage of game elements in non-game contexts, is growing in PE and youth sport. Whether it is through simple points scoring systems for fitness workouts, cards that offer game based scenarios and super powers or through a more comprehensive use of guiding principles to shape practice. In a … Continue reading The role of gamification in problem solving.

Kicking over the Ladder

I've come to a decision to kick over the ladder. From my very first day in teaching a ladder was placed before me. The first rung of that ladder is the classroom teacher. Above that, the Middle Leadership rung, with its fork to either pastoral or academic responsibilities. One step further up is the Senior Leadership roles of … Continue reading Kicking over the Ladder

Certain of uncertainty

  3 years a blogger. 245 posts, around 200k written words, and what have I learnt in this dialogue with myself? That I blog for both personal and professional growth. I write about things that are interesting to me (and in turn perhaps are interesting to other people). An ongoing public journal of my thoughts … Continue reading Certain of uncertainty

What the game is…

Over the last few years, the use of games based approaches have become my predominant method of teaching team sports to children. The shift in approach has been a positive experience both in teaching and learning, compared to that of a replication of isolated technique method. It fosters enjoyment, increases motivation to take part and be … Continue reading What the game is…

Conversations in Sport Education

The model of Sports Education was designed by Daryll Siedentop. He felt that sport in Physical Education had been 'decontextualised', meaning it had been reduced to a shopping list of skills and tactics that needed to be taught and learnt before the game could be experienced. Not only did this take the primary focus of … Continue reading Conversations in Sport Education

The beautiful risk of Physical Education

The beautiful risk of education, by Gert Biesta, has been one of the most challenging books I have read to date. To call it 'conceptually dense' is an understatement. The book is the culmination of over 10 years or more work from Biesta on developing his philosophy of education. By engaging with other philosophical works … Continue reading The beautiful risk of Physical Education

Sharing our failures #1

In a recent blog, Mel Hamada, wrote about her perceptions of the culture of online Physical Education community. Mel felt that a lot of interactions within the community were about self-promotion, 'back slapping' and 'high fiving each other'. Sentiments I both share and am guilty of through this blog and on Twitter. Reflecting on this … Continue reading Sharing our failures #1


Inspired by Martyn Reah's post on teacher wellbeing and the #Teacher5aday movement Wellbeing Last year was pretty tough. Accumulation of seven years of working non-stop, not forming any meaningful relationships outside of work and an unwillingness to say 'no' had finally taking its toll. Added to this I was no longer looking after my body, … Continue reading Wellbeing

Teach Meet: Standards and Expectations for 6th Form in academic subjects

This year as part of our new CPD provision we have a 10 minute Teach Meet once a month. This is by run by one teacher who shares their teaching practice with whoever attends, with a 5 minute Q and A at the end. The last session was on behaviour management with KS3 students. Today … Continue reading Teach Meet: Standards and Expectations for 6th Form in academic subjects