Kicking over the Ladder

I've come to a decision to kick over the ladder. From my very first day in teaching a ladder was placed before me. The first rung of that ladder is the classroom teacher. Above that, the Middle Leadership rung, with its fork to either pastoral or academic responsibilities. One step further up is the Senior Leadership roles of … Continue reading Kicking over the Ladder

Back to Basics: Observation

This post was originally post on the PE Circle on 8th November, 2015 Due to the practical nature of our subject and the environments we find ourselves in, observation is at the centre of being an effective teacher of PE. At a basic level observation helps us with lesson safety, organisation and behaviour management. However its main … Continue reading Back to Basics: Observation

Is PRP preventing open and honest dialogue?

I've just completed the performance management review process this year, experiencing my schools new PRP policy, both as a line manager and as someone who is being line managed. These are my initial thoughts on the process: My personal experience: As usual I prepared fully for the meeting as I usually do. I had documented … Continue reading Is PRP preventing open and honest dialogue?

Teach Meet: Behaviour Management

So today we had our first internal school Teach Meet with a focus on behaviour management (particularly for Years 7 to 9). It was delivered by an experienced Head of Year and it started quite a good Q and A session at the end, especially by the newer teachers within the school. Her approach to behaviour … Continue reading Teach Meet: Behaviour Management