Meaningful Experiences in PE: Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles of Meaningful PE Movement has the potential to enrich human existence and Physical Education can be a site that contributes to this by creating meaningful experiences of movement. Meaningful experiences are those that hold ‘personal significance’ to the learner. PE Teachers who subscribe to the creation of meaningful experiences, are influenced not just … Continue reading Meaningful Experiences in PE: Guiding Principles

Affective Thinking: How can movement influence our feelings?

The art of teaching, at its very core, is constant decision making and problem-solving in a dynamic environment to assist the individual or the collective to flourish. As a secondary school teacher of PE I believe I am faced with two key puzzles to solve. The first key puzzle is how can I ensure I … Continue reading Affective Thinking: How can movement influence our feelings?

The Joy of Kretchmar

Each one of us who joins #Physed Twitter is in search of something. For one it may be resources, for another, it is new ideas. Some come seeking a community of practice they don't have in their own school. Others are not sure what they are seeking for so tend to lurk, waiting in hope, that … Continue reading The Joy of Kretchmar


Every September 150 children join my school in Year 7. In terms of Physical Education you can split them into two distinct groups: those who value movement and those that don't. For those that do value movement everything you provide in lessons is a treat. For those that don't everything is a struggle. The second … Continue reading Flourishing

Has PE lost its way?

Has PE lost its way? In Memento, Guy Pierce, plays a character called Leonard Shelby. Leonard, a former insurance investigator, suffers from anterograde amnesia, short term memory loss in which he cannot make new memories. He suffers from this because of the injuries he sustained whilst trying to save his wife, he is now fuelled by … Continue reading Has PE lost its way?

The platitude of Excellence

For the last two years in my school I have the heard the word 'excellence' mentioned at every start of every term. It is what my school aspires to. It is what as a teacher I must deliver through my teaching. I must demand it from my students in their learning and in turn they … Continue reading The platitude of Excellence