Meaningful Experiences in PE: Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles of Meaningful PE Movement has the potential to enrich human existence and Physical Education can be a site that contributes to this by creating meaningful experiences of movement. Meaningful experiences are those that hold ‘personal significance’ to the learner. PE Teachers who subscribe to the creation of meaningful experiences, are influenced not just… Read More Meaningful Experiences in PE: Guiding Principles

Competence: Climbing Frames not Ladders

Ensuring children turn into adults who lead a healthy and active lifestyle is the Gordian Knot that PE teachers have a shared responsibility for solving. Part of the solution involves developing competence, but much of the debate about competence is binary. As explained in my last post, either it is everything, or it is nothing. As PE Teachers… Read More Competence: Climbing Frames not Ladders

How “deliberate” are we being in improving motor competency?

Physical activity and motor competency (both perceived and actual) have a reciprocal relationship. That means children with higher levels of perceived and actual motor competence are more likely to engage in further physical activity, which, in turn, may lead to further skill development and increased perceived and actual motor competence. The reverse then is also… Read More How “deliberate” are we being in improving motor competency?