Back to Basics: Observation

This post was originally post on the PE Circle on 8th November, 2015 Due to the practical nature of our subject and the environments we find ourselves in, observation is at the centre of being an effective teacher of PE. At a basic level observation helps us with lesson safety, organisation and behaviour management. However its main … Continue reading Back to Basics: Observation

Back to Basics: Routines

Originally posted on The PE Circle on 20th September 2015 As soon as pupils enter the changing room to the moment they leave we are expected to respond to all manner of scenarios that are both expected and unexpected as PE Teachers. Routines are a simple way of organising the expected and managing the unexpected. … Continue reading Back to Basics: Routines

Sports Day – A traditional approach

Sports Day is a highlight of the school calendar. It is a time for celebration, of competition and of bringing the whole school together in something other than the pursuit of academic success. If done well it can build a sense of belonging and place within the school, aspire students to take up athletics or … Continue reading Sports Day – A traditional approach

Increasing the Physical in PE

Physical Education is in its nature a practical subject. Whilst I have a deep rooted belief that we need to impart knowledge about our subject to students, we need to do it in the most practical way possible. We need to give our students as much time to run, jump, throw, catch, kick, and hit … Continue reading Increasing the Physical in PE

Sport and Sanctions

Today I received this email: Dear Sporticus, I wanted to speak to you at break but got sidetracked with trips and other things. Head of Year and I met Bob and his parents this morning regarding his academic achievements and concerns about his lack of organisation and commitment in general. It has been agreed that … Continue reading Sport and Sanctions