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Dissection of a school visit – (2) The execution

In my last post about my recent school visit I explained what I learnt to make it more effective. It’s easily been one of the best things I’ve done for my own professional development. Having a focus on what I want to improve, seeing another school doing it, speaking to people about it and watching […]

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A day in the life of a Dosser.

So what is a Dosser? Well a DoS is a Director of Sport. A Dosser is what my colleagues in science call me as they think I’m in charge of Dossing around. (I don’t think they should give up their day jobs for a career in comedy.) Today was a pretty tough day dossing around. […]

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Issues for coaches of school sport to consider

Almost a month back and already 35 school fixtures have already played. As a coach of school sport there is nothing better than seeing your team replicate in a game something you have spent hours practising on the training field during the previous week. It’s potentially one of the highlights of being a school coach. However […]