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Every September 150 children join my school in Year 7. In terms of Physical Education you can split them into two distinct groups: those who value movement and those that don’t. For those that do value movement everything you provide in lessons is a treat. For those that don’t everything is a struggle. The second […]

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UNESCO QPE Guidelines

UNESCO QPE GUIDELINES – How Teachers and Policy Makers can Invest in Quality Physical Education for All This post is a summary of Dr. Dean Dudley’s excellent (free) webinar on the UNESCO Quality Physical Education Guidelines via Thompson Education. Dean was explaining about the QPE – Guidelines for Policy Makers document that he has been […]



#peblogs I wrote my first blog last August, but before that I had been a ‘lurker’. Through twitter I found blogs on my subject area and beyond, read them but never engaged. The more I read the more it became my own personal PD. I had been at my current school for a number of […]