At the crossroads

In my previous school the crossroads was where entry into the school dissected with the exit, but more than that it was a place of ritual for school sport. Rituals of meetings, greetings, departures and journeys. Also rituals of questions and reflections. Without fail, the first question that a player was met with as they … Continue reading At the crossroads

At arms length

"skills are not practiced diligently; old habits are never relinquished; new habits are not developed; attitudes are not changed; nobody is inducted into any one of the many movement subcultures that are asking for new members; learning plateaus are never encountered because they are never reached; and advanced challenges are never met. Much of the … Continue reading At arms length

How fundamental are fundamental movement skills?

Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) are observable patterns of motor behaviours composed of basic locomotor activities such as running and jumping, manipulative activities such as throwing and catching, and stability activities such as balancing on one foot or walking on a narrow beam (Goodway et al, 2020). The development of FMS is considered important as a … Continue reading How fundamental are fundamental movement skills?

The role of gamification in problem solving.

The application of gamification, that is the usage of game elements in non-game contexts, is growing in PE and youth sport. Whether it is through simple points scoring systems for fitness workouts, cards that offer game based scenarios and super powers or through a more comprehensive use of guiding principles to shape practice. In a … Continue reading The role of gamification in problem solving.

A continuum of experiences in PE

What is success in PE? The answer to this question all depends on what role you think PE has to play in a child's schooling and their wider education beyond. Whilst there will always be a lack of consensus, one idea that tends to unite people is that PE should contribute to children becoming physically … Continue reading A continuum of experiences in PE

Physical Literacy: What is your flavour?

"Now what happens when you take a system apart, it loses all of its essential properties and therefore when you take a situation and by analysis reduce it to the problems of which it is composed you have lost all the essential properties of reality and essential properties of the parts." - Russell AckoffPhysical Literacy: … Continue reading Physical Literacy: What is your flavour?

Practice focused and evidence informed

The PE in the title will take on two meanings; Physical Education but also Practice Focused and Evidence Informed. What do I mean by Practice Focused and Evidence Informed? Practice Focused Evidence Informed Purpose of Curriculum Theory and Research Content of Curriculum My own experience of teaching Teaching of Curriculum Subjective Data Reflection on purpose, … Continue reading Practice focused and evidence informed

The PE Play Book – June 2019 Edition

Every month for the last four years I have published the PE Play Book, a monthly round up of blog posts, podcasts, videos and online articles on PE and School Sport that I had read or listened to the previous month. However my reading habits have changed over that time and whilst I still read … Continue reading The PE Play Book – June 2019 Edition

Game Sense as Explicit Guided Discovery

James Gee, in his excellent book Good Video Games and Good Learning, believes there are two divides in video games and learning: *The First Divide:* On one hand there is break everything down into bits and pieces each bit in its proper sequence (drill and practice theory). On the other hand there is practice the … Continue reading Game Sense as Explicit Guided Discovery

Opening the door to more.

My very first lesson as a qualified teacher was also nearly my very last. I was teaching Olympic Gymnastics to 34 Year 11 boys; rings, pommels, parallel bars, vaulting and floor work. Thankfully I had the chance to tweak my lesson as I had the opportunity to watch Noel, a very experienced member of the … Continue reading Opening the door to more.