Physical Literacy: Can we teach it?

Can physical literacy (PL) be taught? This is a question I have been asked by primary school teachers, secondary school PE teachers and youth sport coaches over the last few weeks. This post is an attempt to articulate my thinking and start a discussion about what is the best way for teachers and coaches who … Continue reading Physical Literacy: Can we teach it?

Physical Literacy: What is your flavour?

"Now what happens when you take a system apart, it loses all of its essential properties and therefore when you take a situation and by analysis reduce it to the problems of which it is composed you have lost all the essential properties of reality and essential properties of the parts." - Russell AckoffPhysical Literacy: … Continue reading Physical Literacy: What is your flavour?

Physical Literacy Meditations

I have spent quite a bit of time recently thinking, reading and talking about physical literacy. Going back to the literature, being involved in a research project, through a online forum and then further thoughts being prompted by Nathan Horne's and Shane Pill's recent blog posts on the topic. Physical Literacy certainly is gaining traction both … Continue reading Physical Literacy Meditations

4 domains of learning in Physical Education – Refined 

  18 months on from my initial post about the different domains of learning in PE and my thinking on them has been refined. I am aware that once you accept a 'theory' and then use it to make decisions it becomes difficult to find fault and challenge it. It can lead to 'theory blindness', … Continue reading 4 domains of learning in Physical Education – Refined 

4 domains of learning in Physical Education

During one of my recent departmental PE meetings, we may have moved away from the set agenda. Instead we engaged in an enjoyable but heated discussion about the 'best' students we had in Physical Education. So a few weeks ago I asked the #physed community the same question: To be fair it was a vague and subjective … Continue reading 4 domains of learning in Physical Education

Physical Literacy: Motivation

In my previous post I stated that Physical Literacy as an outcome for Physical Education is a concept that I personally think has great potential to shape our provision. However it still requires a lot of work to clarify, understand and place into practice. Margaret Whitehead in her book Physical Literacy. Throughout the life course describes physical … Continue reading Physical Literacy: Motivation

Physical Literacy: The Philosophy

“Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.” (Whitehead, 2014) In his recent webinar on the UNESCO Guidelines on Quality PE, Dr Dean Dudley made the statement that 'physical literacy could be a game changer in Physical … Continue reading Physical Literacy: The Philosophy