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PE Challenge No. 8

Over 8 weeks, every weekend, I will offer you a challenge for the following week. These challenges will come from other teachers, researchers, academics and coaches and take on different formats. You can try one, try the ones you like, or try them all. The hope is that it will stimulate thought about your practice, […]

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Seating plan for Core PE

Well of course a seating plan for core PE isn’t possible as it is a practical subject, but the idea below is something I have used for the last three years that is as near as possible as I can come to one. At the beginning of the year I split my Year 7, 8 […]

Professional Development

Do you use a Professional Development Plan?

In my time teaching I’ve had some pretty pointless CPD and Performance Management Reviews. Quite a lot of that was down to my lack of preparation and understanding of what I needed to develop. Not having a clear idea in my head of my strengths, areas of development and where I wanted to go was […]