Routines through Cooperation

I once wrote this about Cooperative Learning within PE: I have always taken quite a behavioralist approach to building trust with my pupils. Rules, routines and expectations, clearly communicated and firmly but caringly followed up. I feel it is my role to ensure not just the physical safety of pupils in my class, but also … Continue reading Routines through Cooperation

#Relearn 2: Change

Relearn is a community of narrative inquiry. A belief that storytelling is one, if not the fundamental unit, that accounts for human experiences. Once again I ventured to a coffee bar in Marlow to listen and tell stories about sport. Those who sat around the table, from high performance to grass roots participation, came to … Continue reading #Relearn 2: Change

#Relearn: Stories

Is there a need to relearn? That is the question that has been in my head since a chance meeting with Josh, an ex pupil, on a train a few years ago. I just didn't know it. Not until Mark, Al and Andrew shared their vision online. Mark, Al and Andrew have a grand plan. Of … Continue reading #Relearn: Stories

A Tactical Games Approach session in Rugby

One of the main focuses I have for my own teaching and coaching sport development this year is to move away from a more traditional approach that makes skill execution the central aspect of the learning environment, to where the game is the major experience for learning. My experiences of any Games Based Approach is that … Continue reading A Tactical Games Approach session in Rugby